The benefit of adding tenants to the additional tenant tab of a tenancy profile

There is a separate tab in the tenancy profile area where you can enter your additional tenants, but what is the benefit of doing this?

Using the additional tenants tab allows you to do the following

  • In Custom Views, when doing bulk letters, there is a button that allows you to show Head Tenant Only. If you set this to No, it will show all tenants in the property, meaning everyone will get a copy of the letter or SMS that you are sending as it will pick up from the Additional Tenant Tab


  • It allows you to set up the additional tenants separately if they want to pay separately. You can set them up with the amount they are going to pay, and this means that they can have their own match code in the bank import, making it very easy to see who has paid in that tenancy.

Note: DO NOT put in an amount if the tenant is not paying separately


If you want these tenants to also show on the Tenancy List, then put all the tenant names into the Full Name area on the front of the tenancy edit screen, but don't put all the names in the Tenant Dear area.



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