Can I reverse a Supplier Payment?

Q: Can I reverse a Supplier Payment

A: Yes you can, see below and note the things to be aware of.


Important Note: The Ability to reverse a Supplier Payment is .a system setting. So only those with full administration rights can change this


Be aware of the following:

  • If the payment has already gone out to the Supplier and you reverse it, it will overdraw the supplier so make sure the supplier is sending the money out
    It will reverse all the invoices involved in the payment, meaning the invoice will mark as unpaid in the Supplier area but the money will not go back to the Property. - The Invoice does not need to be put back in again but once you have corrected, you will need to pay them out again
    If you only need to correct one invoice, you would be better to reverse just the one invoice and then out the reversal which will make the credit note
  • If Payment has NOT gone out, then reversing the payment is fine, remove or correct the invoice you want to update and then do the Payment again.


  1. Go to the Supplier - Reports, Transaction Reports and find the transaction number
  2. Go to Transactions and History
  3. Put in the transaction number from and to and click refresh
  4. Click on the Edit button next to the transaction and click on Reverse Payment.
  5. If you then go back to the Supplier - Reports and Transaction Report and just check all is back in

Then you can carry on and do your fixing. Remember to re pay the invoices.





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