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A property only has a previous FULL inspection. You need to visit the property to do a ROUTINE inspection. When you visit a property to do the first ROUTINE inspection the master inspection template for ROUTINE will appear on the app and would need to be configured the same way as the FULL inspection template was done.
The inspection templates are separate and cannot be copied from FULL to ROUTINE, however, there is a method to create a ROUTINE inspection from a previous FULL inspection.


  • In the app, start a new inspection. Select FULL (knowing that it will be a ROUTINE).
  • You will now see the configured property template appear from the previous FULL. Continue with the inspection as you normally would. Once the inspection has been completed, tap on Submit.
  • Once you are back home/office and the inspection has been uploaded to Palace, go to the property diary to find the inspection. It will show as FULL. Open the inspection. Change the Type from FULL to ROUTINE. Save and Close this in order to change and once the screen refreshes there will be the ROUTINE inspection.
  • Go back into the inspection and continue editing.

Duplicating an inspection template within Palace:

Please see the following article related to how to duplicate an inspection report within the property diary.
How to duplicate an existing inspection

If your office/branch is not using the pink Palace Liquid app the team will need to read the following article titled (New) Palace Liquid App Services. Once the team are ready for activation of the new inspection feature/pink app kindly submit a support request to our support team.

If you require additional assistance, click here to submit a support request or click on the pink/white Help button from within Palace.

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