23rd June 2021 | Tenant Invoice Update, Inspection Report fixes and more...

Property - Duplicating: Ever found yourself with multiple properties in your database not linked to an owner that needed our amazing support team to help remove? Well, have we got some good news for you!! We found that when you duplicate a property, you can actually save this property without adding an owner to it, which is how these rogue properties are created. We've fixed this issue so that the system cannot move on unless you have an owner linked to the duplicated property, which means, no more rogue properties and no more support requests to get rid of them.

Owner - Save & View: We found an issue with the 'save & view' button with our owner edit screen. When using this button, the 'save & close' option becomes disabled, which makes life a little bit more complicated than it needs to be. Now that this button is fixed and working as expected, you will be able to make changes, save & view your changes, make more changes and then finally save & close it all.

Property - Archived Entries: Sick of attempting to edit an archived property and getting the lovely 'OOPS' error in return? We hear you! 
This error happens because the archived property is linked to an archived user and as a 'work around' we've assigned these properties to a current user to give you all access. Those workaround days are officially over as we've fixed the issue behind the scenes, meaning you will no longer have issues accessing archived properties moving forward.

Reports - Smoke Alarm Expiry Report: We've fixed an issue with our smoke alarm report so that the date filters will now accurately display the correct info when the report is generated.

Reports - Inspections: We’ve identified an issue with our inspection reports where changes are displayed on the report when a certain workflow isn’t followed. This has been fixed and all changes made to an inspection will now show on the report when generated.

Transactions - Tenancy Invoice (Multiple): We've fixed up a few issues relating to our tenancy invoice process. Details are noted below:

  • Tenancy Invoice Assignment - When using the Tenancy Invoice Assignment feature, we've found that you can select 'commit assignment' multiple times, which can result in invoices being 'overpaid' and overdrawing ledgers. Not a common issue that happens but one that can get quite messy if not picked up. This has been fixed and the commit assignment button will now simply 'disable' until the movement of funds is complete.
  • Strict Audit Restrictions - Ever gone to assign invoices from a ledger to an invoice and you're met with a strict audit warning, even though you have checked and triple checked that there are definitely funds in the tenant ledger? Don't worry, you're not going crazy! This is a system error, where we look at the owner/property balance to perform this function. If the owner/property balance is $0.00 or less, the system won't allow the movement of funds from the ledger to pay the tenant invoice. We've fixed this up and re-directed where the system looks for a balance check, so we are now looking at the ledger balance instead of the owner or property. Meaning, if you are met with a strict audit warning when trying to assign money, there is an actual valid reason relating to the ledger balance.
  • Invoice Assignment / Strict Audit - When you assign funds from a ledger to an invoice, the funds are refunded from the bond ledger and is re-receipted to pay the invoice, assigning the funds to either the owner or a fee ledger. However, when there is a failure of invoice assignment due to strict audit (insufficient funds in the ledger), the refund portion of the process doesn't happen, whilst, the receipt portion of the process still goes through. This causes issues for reconciling and just a mess in general, so we have fixed it. From now on, if there is a strict audit restriction on the process, both the refund & receipt will not go through.

System- Email (CC & BCC): We've identified a couple of issues with our CC & BCC recipients within emailing. For sent emails that contain recipients in these fields, every time you save this email the system adds an extra line in the BCC or CC fields which can cause issues with processing reminders on these emails.

We've also found that when you forward an original email that contained recipients in these fields, the system would attach them to the forwarded version which can cause a few hiccups with some private emails.

Both issues have been rectified and will continue to work just as expected.

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