Advanced Invoice Scanning (Invoice Flow)

The 'Advanced Invoice Scanning' process is similar to the 'Barcode Scanning' process from a user point of view.  However, the background solution is far more complex in that the service is able to read and extract all aspects of the content of an invoice (without the use of a barcode).  Your company can register for this service at a cost of 18 cents +GST per document (NOTE: The minimum spend is $50 +GST per month for this service)

Emails sent to will automatically retrieve any PDF files attached to the email and attempt to read all information contained within the PDF Document.  If no PDF attachment exists within the email, it will automatically be deleted by our service.

NOTE: It's important that you only send PDF Invoice attachments.  All other attachments that are in PDF format (e.g. newsletters) will be processed into the system and a charge will be raised for your company.  If the our service does not detect a valid invoice once it has scanned the document, the system will automatically log and delete the document in question.

The service links to your company dataset by way of the email 'From' address.  This means your company must register at least one unique email address with this service.  You can register your company to make use of  this service (at the quoted charge) by logging a support ticket and supplying the 'From' address that all emails sent to the service will come from. 

Although you can register multiple email addresses with the service for a single company, we recommend you set up a single address which forwards all emails to this service (e.g. Set up an email called '' to auto-forward to '' and register '' with our service).  All your internal staff can then send their invoices to the one email address which forwards to our service to process.  In this way you don't have to keep track of which staff members are registered with our service and which are not and you don't have to worry about old staff members leaving and new staff members coming on board.  If an email is sent to '' address and is not registered with our service, it will automatically be deleted.

What does the 'Advanced Invoice Scanning' solutions look for?

  • Invoices must be in typed format (The system will not be able to read hand written invoices).
  • Invoices must contain an 'Invoice Date' in a consistent location on the invoice.
  • Invoices must contain an 'Invoice No.' in a consistent location on the invoice.
  • Invoices must contain the 'Supplier Name' in a consistent location (NOTE: Some logos cannot be scanned so the invoice should contain this in plain text in another location if possible)
  • Invoices must contain the 'Property Address' in a consistent location and format on the invoice.
  • Invoices must contain a 'Total Amount Including GST' in a consistent location on the invoice.




As long as the invoice maintains these minimum values our 'Advanced Invoice Scanning' solution can be trained to consistently recognize invoice formats and extract the correct values from the correct areas within the document. It's important that you inform suppliers to provide invoices that conform to this criteria as a minimum for this process to work efficiently.

Any newly formatted invoice sent to our system will have a period of training.  This requires a minimum of 5 invoices in the same format before our system learns the format and extracts consistently.  If you want a specific invoice pre-trained before sending them through to our service, you can request a document be trained by sending through at least 5 different examples attached to a support desk ticket asking that they be trained in the 'Advanced Invoice Scanning' solution.  If you do not do this, newer formats may take longer to process as we will train them in the background as they come through.

All Property Management companies get the benefit of invoices that have already been trained and processed by other companies.  This means that as long as another company has already sent through an invoice from a supplier that you use as well, then you will have the benefit of our system already recognizing and extracting the correct values for the supplier invoice format without any training.

Trained invoices will be processed through to the Palace 'Document Invoice Workflow' inbox within 5-10 minutes of us receiving the attachment.  If it's a new invoice that requires training, this process can take up to 24 hours due to the manual training system involved.  Sending attachments that are NOT invoices will also extend the processing time of valid invoices for your company so please make sure you remove any attachments that are not invoices before forwarding them to our service.

Processed invoices will show in the 'Document Invoice Workflow' inbox.



Please Note: For the first invoice coming into Palace, although the system will have picked up a lot of the information, it still requires matching for the first invoices to the property as although we can see that this has picked up the address and supplier details, these details may be entered into Palace differently. Once you have matched the first invoice to this property/supplier, the system will know that for any future invoices, to match them automatically to the same property/supplier. Currently, Palace shows the details that is in the invoice so you likely won't need to open and check the invoice but can press on the drop down arrow and match this to where is needs to go.



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