26th May 2021 | Dashboard update, TradeMe Carpark advertising, and more...

Dashboard - User Filter: A quick and minor change to the dashboard tabs. The Reminders, Property Charges, Tenancy Invoice & Supplier Invoice tabs have received a minor update that should help the users who don't look after a portfolio but still need access to process those daily charges or even covering agents' reminders and charges whilst they're on leave, making it easier to work around shared permissions.

Now, you will have a user tab that gives you the ability to see ALL users charges & invoices if you ever need to process them. This works in a way, where you won't need to have permissions to see their properties or emails, you can simply restrict yourself to see your own portfolio but have the ability to process all charges/invoices when and where you may need it.

When you log in, the drop-down will default to you and display anything linked to you as a user. However, you can quickly change the drop-down to see other agents' charges and reminders or simply change to ALL to see everything.


Transactions - Uncleared Funds: A new system setting allows you to apply the current 'uncleared funds' setting to any tenants that have the payment method set to Direct.

This means, your tenants payment methods no longer need to be set to DD for the uncleared fund's functionality to work, which works great for Automatic Payments for rents that can bounce in a few days.Snip20210521_12.png


To help you understand how uncleared funds work, here is a quick summary breakdown:

  • Uncleared funds are based on the transaction date, not the actual entry date. i.e If you enter a transaction on the 10th of April but the date is set as the 8th of April, the system looks at the 8th as the date to start counting the uncleared funds.
  • Uncleared funds remain uncleared based on the system setting and will tie that into the transaction date. This means if your system is set to 1-day uncleared funds, it will be available to be paid out the following day. For this example, if the transaction was entered on the 10th, however, the transaction date was the 8th, this will be available to be paid to the owner on the 9th.
  • Uncleared funds also work within business days (Mon - Friday). This means if you have a receipt that is noted down with a transaction date that lands on a Friday, it will continue its counting for clearance on Monday.

Document Flow - Expense Type Error: We have encountered an issue with processing invoices within the document workflow, where the expense type has been made inactive. This causes the invoice to break and give the user the famous 'Oops Error'. To fix this, we have added in an exception to notify the user that there is a missing expense type, giving the user a heads up on what's missing from the invoice and avoiding getting an error altogether.

Property - TradeMe (Carpark): For those that use TradeMe for advertising from Palace, you will now be able to list your properties as a CarPark Listing - More info on how this works can be found here

NOTE: Our advertising log will also record car park listings.

Report - EOY Statements (Property Analysis Fees): A new column added to the EOY reports breaks down the fees charged throughout the year - Similar to the Invoice Analysis section, this will be broken down on the fee type so that your owners will clearly see what their fees are made up of from the year that was.Snip20210521_11.png

Report - EOY Statements: When running your bulk EOY statements, you will now have the option to generate and send the property expense report. This is quite handy as it provided a breakdown and list of all the expenses for that property throughout that time period.



Report - Property Expense Report: Speaking of our expense report, we've implemented a minor fix so that this report will now include the details for the expense, in terms of the supplier or expense description. The toggle to include ALL transactions has also been updated, so that when this is set to YES, all expenses relating to the specified property will be displayed from when the property was added to the system.

System - Mail Merge: A very big change to the mail merge process - The back-end functionality is now updated increasing the processing speed. Test cases have shown that a normal merge for a tenant can generally take about 30s, however, with this update we have brought that time right down to around 7s. This should improve performance and fix any issues with the merge timing out for users.

System - Updated OOPS Error: A minor update to our OOPS Error, where you will now see the below option to click. This will show a new little window with some code and breakdown that will help our support and development team uncover the reason behind the error.


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