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We hear a lot of confusion throughout the industry when it comes to wanting assistance from support teams and trainers. This isn’t just with us here at Palace, this is with a majority of software providers. So I’d like to take this opportunity, to shed some light on this very topic for all of our valued clients.



Our trainers' primary focus is to train you on the Palace software and its features and functionality. This could be directed towards a particular role, a certain feature (ie, the whole inspection process), or generic training such as conducting webinars or workshops. Through this training, our goal is to have each user of Palace comfortable with using the system on their own. Day-to-day use of the system is so much easier when you know how to do things the right way to avoid unnecessary issues.


Trainers are appointment based, which means that their training sessions are booked ahead of time – so when they are training online, onsite, or in a workshop with you, they aren’t dealing with anything else. Their focus is on your training. If you ever emailed one of our trainers or tried to call them during the day and questioned why they didn’t reply promptly, this is why.


When an issue or error does arise (due to various reasons), the trainers are recommended not to use your essential paid training hours to troubleshoot, or to direct the issue or error to the Palace support team on your behalf. If they do, what occurs is the “piggy-in-the-middle” effect. By this, I mean, the trainer then spends the training time communicating with the support person, and also back to you (and vice versa) to resolve the issue or error.



This is where our Support team come in. As part of your software agreement with Palace, you have access to our superstar support team. This is a team of people that work full-time managing our support tickets. When you have an issue or error, a support ticket is logged - this is by either phoning our 0800 number, emailing or using the Help widget within Palace. I have heard the question of why someone cannot just directly contact one of our support team members rather than logging or respond to a current ticket. The issue with this is if that person is off unwell, or working on another task, no one else in the company can see that you are waiting for a response, so you end up waiting longer. This is the reason why all support tickets are centralised and all of our support team members work from the same support ticket list.


The entire support team's primary focus is to assist in resolving any Palace software issues or errors. When you do need to log a support ticket, the best thing you can do to achieve a prompt resolution is to explain the issue or error you are experiencing. You can even add any supporting screenshots or reports when you log the ticket. You would be surprised at how many support tickets the team receive each day that have the simple contents of “I need help”, “Please call me”, “it’s not working”, which means the first thing they need to do is contact the user to find out the initial details when they could have taken a look at the issue prior to that first contact. It would be great to be able to help you resolve an issue within that first contact. The support team also have direct contact with our technical and development support, so if your query needs additional assistance, again, you are not waiting to hear from a trainer who may be in a full days training session.


Now, in reverse, the support team are unable to spend lengthy times on the phone to show someone how to do a task that the user has never done before… when the support team do that, a person that has a big “error or an ooopsy” has to wait even longer for assistance. So this is where the training team comes in.


If you are talking to a support person and have a quick how-to query on something you are stuck on, this is fine to ask, there is always a slight crossover. However, we ask that if you have never been trained on a particular process or feature (ie, to do the bank import or have never run month-end), and have not had a look at any of the knowledgebase tutorials or help documentation, that you contact the training team in the first instance so we can schedule a time to train you on the “how-to”. A confident user is a happy user! You have direct access to our entire knowledge base at any time day or night from within your database or via


I hope that the above has helped clarify why on occasion you might hear from the support team “Thank you, I’ll pass this on to the training team and they will be in touch”, or when you have heard from your trainer “Sorry, would you be able to log this directly with the support team to get it resolved”.


When creating a support request please ensure you have placed as much information as possible to help the support agent to investigate your query. I.e., full contact details, contact number, company name and then items regarding the issue you are experiencing. I.e., tenant/owner/supplier/property name, a copy of a report (if possible).


We just want you to get the best and quickest resolution from the people within our company.

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