How do I prepare and send my Inspection Report to the Owner once I have completed the inspection

Q How do I prepare and send my Inspection Report to the Owner once I have completed the inspection


Once your inspection is showing as ‘uploaded’ on the inspection app the inspection will be showing in the import list and the Property Diary.

The Import list is found by clicking on Property > Property Inspections > Import List.
Here you will be able to see a list of your most recent inspections so you can easily edit and email your inspection reports.

You can filter to see only inspections under your name by clicking on the ‘Property Manager’ filter.

If you want to remove any inspections from showing in this list, you can select the tick-box on the left of the property address and press the green ’clear’ button at the top right of the page. This will remove the inspection from the import list but the inspection report will still be showing in the Property Diary.



To edit/download or email your inspection report, click on the edit button to the right of your inspection.

Details Tab
Here you can click on the blue + to open a room and check your details.
Once the room is open the blue + will show as a red -.
To duplicate a room and all the features of the room you can click the Edit button to the right and click ‘Duplicate’.

To edit the room name, click the edit button to the right of the room and you can edit the Label.


You can’t add an individual feature to the Inspection report.
If you needed to add a feature you would need to duplicate a room > rename one of the features > Drag the feature into the room you need > Delete the ‘extra’ room.


Images tab
Any images that have a blue tick will be included in the Inspection report you generate. If you want to exclude an image from the report but don’t want to delete it, simply click on the blue tick to deselect the image.

To generate a report with NO images, you can press the ‘select all’ button to select or deselect all the images at once.

To download the images and save them to your computer you can click the ‘download selected button’ to the right. This will download any images that are currently selected.


Notes Tab
Here, you can add some extra information for your Owner. Any information added here will show at the bottom of the report.



Email the report
When you have finished editing the Inspection Report, you can email your Owner from this page. 

Click on Report at the top right-hand side of your screen:


Change the Yes/No toggles to include/exclude the letterhead, owner postal address, and tenant's name. 
Select Generate (and download when the option is available) if you would like to look at the report before deciding if you need to continue editing.
Or, if you are happy to email this report now, select the Email button, the report will be generated and attached to a draft email to your Owner where you can add the body of the email and send the email. 


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