19th August 2022 | Change log updates, workflow improvements, bug fixes and more....

Reports: Change log (Multiple): We've made updates to the system so that our change log records just a bit more information. These areas include:

  • Inspection Charges - When an inspection charge is forwarded from the dashboard, this will now be recorded in the change log. We will log the details behind the old and new charge details, who forwarded the charge and when the charges were forwarded.
    NOTE: We will show a complete breakdown of the change when there are 10 or fewer charges forwarded at once, however, in the instance that there are more than 10 charges forwarded at any one time, we will simply log the total number of charges that have been forwarded.
  • Inspection Charges (part 2) - In addition to the above change log record, we will also record any manual changes that are made to the date field on a single inspection charge.
  • User - Any changes made within the user edit screen on any tabs will now be recorded in the change log. This includes permissions, authorities and any other details within the edit screen.
  • Transactions (Process Today) - Following up on our newly added feature, we're adding a change log record for when the process today function is used. With this, we'll also be generating a log to record when an online file is generated.

Reports: EOM (Overdue rent report): We have made a change to one of the filter settings used for this report generation, when a snapshot is taken and placed into the Insights area at Month End. This report will now include ALL tenancies instead of only current tenancies.

User Dashboard: Property Charges tab: The sort function available on the date column will now work as expected - Users can now toggle between ascending/descending order successfully.

Property: Alerts: We've cleaned up the way we store property alerts, this will lead to a decrease in loading times for accessing property records. One the last major performance enhancements we had scheduled for this year!

Month End/ Year End Owner Statements: Confirmation Email: The confirmation email received by the User running Owner Statements and/or Year End Statements has been known to break every so often. We have now fixed the issue that caused these breakages and Users can expect to receive the confirmation email as expected.

Reports: Advertising Log Report: The advertising log report we generate to the related property diary when a property is advertised, will now have a new system diary group added by default to the diary entry. The new system diary group is named - Advertising Log - and will make it easier for our Users to pull reports on.

Transactions: Pending Charges - Owner Letting Fees: Previously if pending Owner Letting Fee charges were present on the dashboard - where a manually entered User commission was loaded at the time of processing - these User commissions were not being applied correctly. We have fixed this so manually entered User commissions on pending Owner Letting Fee charges will be calculated successfully when processed from the dashboard as expected.

User Dashboard: Pending Charges/Supplier Invoices: Previously if we had Owners set to Hold, along with having some uncleared funds - any pending charges or pending supplier invoices for this Owner were not displaying the correct Owner/Property balance on the User Dashboard. This was due to the uncleared funds calculation excluding Owners set to Payment Type - Hold. We have now fixed this, so Owners set to Hold will be included in the Uncleared funds calculation and the Owner/Property balances will display correctly on the dashboard as expected.

Owner/Property: Email/Correspondence merge: Within an Owner or Property diary - you have the option to merge document templates not specific to that entity type - I.e. You can select a property or tenant document template when merging from an Owner diary. The issue we have fixed applied to the Properties and Tenants that were available for selection when performing this particular function, you were able to select archived entities. In this release we have changed the criteria so only current related entities are displayed for selection as expected.

Custom Views: Archived filter: The archived filter available within our Custom Views was excluding archived entities linked to archived Users. We have updated this filter to include archived entities regardless of the User status.

System Settings: Rename Tenancy Invoice setting: We have renamed the system setting - Tenancy Invoice ‘Apply to’ Default to - Receipt Tenancy Invoice ‘Apply to’ Default to accurately reflect what the setting relates to.

Month End: Close off validation: We were made aware recently of a few clients that were able to close off month end without successfully completing the Final Trust Reports step. We have corrected the validation for close off to ensure this doesn't continue to happen.

Reports: Bank Reconciliation Presented - Daily Summary filter: We have added a Daily Summary filter to the Bank Reconciliation Presented report - for our clients who want to display some grouping on this report. This report will display Owners/Properties with their related transactions, along with totals for each transaction type.

Original Bond Payment workflow: Remittance issue: We have fixed the issue that saw Users of our original bond payment workflow receiving an error when downloading the remittance once the transactions had been processed. Users will now be able to download the remittance as expected when processing your bond payments.

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