20th July 2022 | More performance enhancements and bug/workflow fixes.....

Transactions - Payment Bond (Ref no. update): We've made a minor change to our Bond Payment process. Your landlord number will now automatically auto-fill into the reference field of your transactions. This will make it easier for you as you no longer 'need' to manually add a reference for your payment and because this will show in the subject line of the email that is sent to the bond center, it also makes things easier on their end when processing your bonds.

NOTE: We have run a check across Palace and have noted there are a lot of clients with '0' in the landlord ID number. If you use the bond payment feature, it is highly recommended to update this with your Landlord ID.


Work Orders - SMS (to include tenant mobile #): When sending an SMS out to a supplier via the Work Order workflow, if there is a tenant linked to the work order and they have a mobile number, this will now be added to the SMS that is sent.

Reports - Tenant Rent Reviews: A quick little fix for our rent reviews report. The 'start date' column did not display a true reflection on our tenant's start dates but instead displayed a property's start date. This has been updated our report will now display the tenancy group start date as expected. A new toggle is also now available for this report, that will allow you to include or exclude tenants that have a vacate date entered.

System - Emails (Auto save): One of those little but big changes added to the system. Whether you're composing a new email, editing a draft, or replying to an email, you will now see an 'auto-save' toggle available to use. Those familiar with the auto-save function we offer with inspections will be a pro with how this works, for those that aren't too familiar though, this particular toggle will 'save' your email every 10 seconds when the toggle is turned on. So if you're a multitasking master and fear the risk of losing a well-written email, then this feature is for you!

NOTE: This toggle is sticky, not the melted chocolate on the car seat type of sticky but kinda the same. The system will remember the last setting you used for emails, meaning if you're a fan of the auto save and don't want the hassle of needing to switch it on all the time, then we've got you covered! Orrrr you could get sick of it and turn it off and we'll still have you covered.

Tenancy - Transactions tab: We identified a very random bug towards the end of last year, where ALL transactions within the database would be displayed under a tenants edit screen (under the transaction tab). There are very specific steps to achieve this bug so some of you may have never seen it, whereas a handful of you guys may have stumbled across the issue by accident and thought you might be going crazy! Well the good news is, you're not crazy....well not totally anyway as we've found the issue and implemented a fix for it - No more sneaky gremlins hiding out in our tenant's transaction screen.

Tenancy - Archived tenancy function: A little bit of tidy-up work to keep things consistent. Under our archived tenant's list, you don't have the ability to make any changes when a tenant is archived, which makes sense, however, if you're sneaky enough you can still run a few other changes that may result in tenant rent data changing. So to avoid this, we've disabled the following actions:

Edit Alert, Assign Invoices, Modify Rent Repost, Change Head Tenant, *Send To FastConnect

Property - Inspection Charge Amount: When creating 'NEW' inspection charges for a property, the amount for the charge will now be picked up from the property edit screen. Generally, this used to auto-fill an amount based on your defaults in the system, however, as there are cases where a property may have a custom amount we will now look at the property inspection fee field for this moving forward.

Reports - Fixed Tenancy Ending: A new toggle is now available for this report, that will allow you to include or exclude tenants that have a vacate date entered.

Technical Debt - Document Flow data: Every now and then we receive invoices into document flow with some bad data. Now, no one really knows how to stop the bad data from flowing through as it's outside of our control, however, what we can control is how we handle the bad data. Previously, if you were so fortunate enough to get a broken invoice into your system, this would break ALL of the document flow, which prevents you from entering anything else until our development wizards stepped in to clean the data for you. Well now, if you get a broken invoice into the document flow area, you can expect to see a error message displayed in the bottom right hand corner of your screen - which will relate to the specific entry that contains the bad data, instead of the whole document flow breaking.

Email Templates - Owner Statements & Mid Month Owner Statements: For our email templates used for owner statements, you will now have the following merge fields available to be used in the body of the email:
Owner Dear, Owner First Name, Owner Last Name & Agent Full Name

Reports - Tenancy Invoice (Not Tracked): Our Non-tracked tenancy invoice report has seen a bit of an upgrade. Now our non-tracked report will have a breakdown toggle option, when set to YES, you will see a few helpful segments at the bottom of the report showcasing the total invoice/receipt amounts assigned to a Ledger or Owner.

System - Performance Enhancements: The journey continues with our performance updates. In this month's release we've updated the following areas:

  • Owner List - A call back to the changes we made to the property list a couple of releases ago. Here you will notice the owner list load a lot faster than what you are used to.
  • Database Indexing - Work continues on our Indexing task - in a nut shell, this is like adding a table of contents type function into certain areas of the system, to make identifying and finding specific entries faster and smoother.
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