22nd June 2022 | More performance enhancements and bug/workflow fixes.....

System - Performance Enhancements: The journey continues with our performance updates. In this month's release we've updated the following areas:

  • Tenancy List - A call back to the changes we made to the property list a couple of releases ago. Here you will notice the tenancy list load a lot faster than what you are used to.
  • Supplier List - Who doesn't love pasta? Well, we sure do as we've copy pasta'd the work implemented to our property and tenants list over to the supplier list as well. Here you will notice your supplier list load faster than normal - Don't blink though, you might miss it. 
  • Diaries - Indexing - What is indexing you ask? Think of Palace as a book. Open up the book and in the first couple of pages, you'll have a table of contents, displaying what can be found in chapters 1 - 10. So instead of filtering through each individual page, you already know, that in order to get to chapter 11, you need to skip to page 68.
    How does this book analogy apply to your usage of Palace? Well for this month, we've applied some indexing to our diary entries. Generally, when you open up a diary entry, whether it's an email or inspection report, the system will look through multiple points to access this file entry which can cause delays in the entry opening up for you. Now that we've indexed this area, much like a table of contents, the system will know exactly where it needs to go to locate the requested entry and as a result should speed up the whole process.

Transactions - Online File: A new and exciting enhancement - On the go and don't have the time to create separate online files for every single payment transaction you process as you enter them? No worries, we've got you covered.

Under the ''Online File'' option (accessible via Financial > Transactions) you will now see a new 'Process Today' option to generate an online file for ALL single payment transactions entered for that day. Whether it's a tenant refund, owner payment or supplier payment, they will all be displayed on the screen and ready for you to create an online file so that you can make those payments all at once via your internet banking login. Single transaction types captured within this new function are listed below.

  • Refund Rent
  • Refund Tenancy Invoice
  • Refund Bond (Other)
  • Refund Overpaid Rent
  • Payment Ledger
  • Payment Owner
  • Payment Supplier
  • Payment User

Reports - Summary of rent: We've found an issue with archived tenants, where the summary of rent report does not display the property address, which is troublesome if you have an archived tenant that is needing to go to tribunal or may need a historic rent history report - This has now been fixed and will display the property address as expected moving forward.

Inspections - Diary Entry: We have now allowed the ability to display the inspection ''title'' in the diary screen. Since we allow you to customize the inspection title, it only makes sense for the title to be displayed in the diary as well, which should make it easier to identify a specific inspection report.

Please note, that this feature is only available to users on our Liquid inspection app.

Transactions- Owner Payments: For those that use our ''version 3'' process for owner payments, we've made a slight adjustment to allow for better handling for owners that have an overdrawn balance and need to be put on hold before being allowed to proceed with your batch payments.

System - Merge fields: We found an issue with the merge field ''Property Next Inspection date'' where there was no date pulling through on Custom Views or Document Templates if there was no current tenant assigned to the property. We've have fixed this issue and accurate information should continue to be displayed as expected moving forward.

Reports - Work Orders / Key Numbers: For our Work Order reports, we will now display the key numbers if they are checked out. This function works based on the 'Include key details' setting available under System > Defaults > Works Order report options.


Document Flow - Transaction Date: A nice little change to our document flow process, we now allow the ability to adjust the ''transaction'' date for any invoices processed from the doc flow area.

Invoices that are sent to this area are processed based on the date that they are sent through, however, we know life gets busy and invoices may not get processed on time. So, much like our dashboard charges, we now give you the option to adjust the entry date before you process your invoices. 

Please note, you can not date your invoice prior to your last EOM date.



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