Android Mobile Update - v.1.1.1

May 2022 | YouTube sign in fix and stability update...

Video Inspections - YouTube Sign in: For those that have attempted to start video inspections would've seen that the app crashed when signing into YouTube. We're happy to advise that this crash has been fixed and you can now sign into YouTube like normal.

General - Image orientation: We all tap into our photographer mode when taking photos and more often than not, we need to take photos in landscape mode. Yo may have noticed that when these landscape photos were uploaded into the app to be used in an inspection, the display was incorrect. We've updated the parameters for the app so that it will now display the correct orientation of the uploaded image, regardless of how it was taken.

General - Stability: Trying to export ALL properties from your database over to the app? You most likely would've had issues with this as the app did not handle a large call like this.

The good news though, we've updated the code to handle this a lot better in the background service. This means, you will be able to successfully 'sync' a large batch of properties on your app.

Please note, that a stable internet connection is still very much required for this to work as expected and the 'syncing' process may take a few mins depending on how many properties you have exported across.


NOTE: In the coming month, we will be giving the Android inspection app a bit of a make over. The design and layout will match what we have over on the iOS side of things. This will allow updates and feature changes to be more across the board for our app and improve training and support as both platforms will function the same.

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