iOS Mobile Update - v1.0.4

May 2022 | Template bug fix and new camera layout

Camera - New layout: You asked, and we answered! The option to be able to upload images from your camera roll within the inspection app was a long-time request from everyone, however, as it was missing for a long time, we all got used to the current layout and functionality. Insert the option to upload from your camera roll last month and we received mixed reviews. We realise that this feature added an extra step to be able to take a new image, so we've decided to split the options apart. Now you have one icon to take a new image and a separate one to upload from your camera roll if and when you need to.

Note: Sample image is taken from iPhone 12 max, display may differ slightly depending on the device


Camera - Lighting fix: Mobile devices are very clever these days, when taking an image on your Apple device, the lighting in your camera has the ability to automatically adjust based on your environment. Unfortunately, the app tried to use this feature but more on a restricted basis which resulted in some very overexposed images or in some cases some very dark images. We've removed this from the in-app camera and 'locked' the exposure settings, meaning the image quality will no longer be impacted by lighting and as a result, should enhance the performance of the camera as we know the lighting would also cause a slight lag with taking new images.

General - Template Configuration: Last but not least on our list for this update, we've fixed issues around the template when doing an inspection. We found that the template would rename, hide or shuffle the rooms/features for an inspection causing a bit of confusion for our users. Template behaviour will continue to work as expected from now on.

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