26th May, 2022 | Document Flow stabilization and bug fixes.....

Document Flow - Stabilization: We have made improvements to stabilize the document flow area, resulting in a more reliable service overall. These improvements aim to resolve timeouts in processing large numbers of invoices at once and duplicate transactions.

Reports - EOY: We recently identified an issue where the EOY statements would not save in copy form in some instances, within the Insights > Historic area. We managed to narrow down this issue to databases that have recently merged with another and have rectified this issue so that everyone can now expect to see these statements saved in the relevant Insights folder as expected.

Merge Field - 'Owner ID Password': This merge field will now return blank values in all instances - relevant to custom views and document templates. This merge field will be removed from the system at a later date.

Important to note: Existing custom views and document templates that use this field will need to be reviewed.

Custom Views - Display character count: The system will now stop users from creating/editing a custom view when the Description (Name) of the view exceeds the character limit - 255 characters. Users will be presented with the below error if the description exceeds the limit, prompting you to shorten/edit the name before being able to save successfully.


Reports - Advertising Log: Previously, our Advertising Log report was only triggered when a property had the publish entry online toggle set to YES followed by a Save & Close or Save & View. This is the common workflow when you're advertising to sites like Realestate.co.nz, HarcourtsOne etc. This workflow meant that Users who uploaded a property to Trade Me only would miss out on the Advertising Log report trigger as TradeMe does not need the publish online toggle to be set to yes for a successful listing upload.

We have fixed this issue, so that now when a User uploads, updates or removes a Trade Me listing, the Advertising Log report is generated into the relevant property diary as expected.

The publish entry online toggle set to YES, followed by a Save & Close or Save & View will continue to be a point of Advertising Log report generation also.

Important to note: Dependent on your workflow, it is possible some users may end up with duplicate Advertising Log reports in the relevant property diary - this will be seen when Users upload to Trade Me and other sites separately. With the secondary copy of the advertising log, the main difference you will see are changes to the ''On Trade Me'' and ''Date / Time Generated'' fields.

A small example of the Advertising Log report is below for reference:


Performance Updates: Our development team are continuing to work on performance-related tasks to make Palace run better and smoother for you all.

With our 6 month roadmap in view, we've managed to tick off another item from our list:

  • Property - Lazy loading: In order to increase performance around loading times of properties - we have made some changes to the way in which they load. Currently, when a User enters into a property record, all information is loaded at this time, with these new improvements, the information will be loaded as the tabs within the property record are selected. N.B. This improvement was released on 17th May.

Plenty of work is still required to complete our performance roadmap, with some already in progress and near completion, rest assured our team is working hard to get things running as smooth as possible for you all.

New Holiday Home workflow: Behind the scenes, the team have been working hard to bring a new holiday home workflow to you all. Keep an eye out for our future release notes with information on this piece of work. For now though, here is a quick preview of what we've been working on:


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