How to Move a Video Inspection to a Different Property

Let's say a video inspection was taken on the incorrect property and you need to move the diary entry but also rename the video on YouTube.

  • Go to the property diary to find the video inspection you need to copy to another property diary


  • Open the Property: Inspection - Video Link to copy the information within the note to create the new note/link in the other property diary.


  • Navigate to the property diary you want to add the Hyperlink to
  • To add a Hyperlink, you will see NEW ENTRIES on the left of the diary entries. Click on Hyperlink
  • Enter the information you copied from the previous diary's Hyperlink area into the Description box. I.e. Inspection - Video Link
  • In the Hyperlink box, you can paste the link
  • Click on Save & close
  • Enter the newly created Hyperlink and click on it to make sure it opens on YouTube


The video on YouTube will still show the original address where it was recorded. This will need to be manually changed in the YouTube account by accessing the YouTube Studio.

  • Sign in to YouTube using the same account the video was recorded in (on the app)
  • Click the avatar (top-right-hand corner of the screen)
  • Click YouTube Studio
  • On the left-hand side menu, click Content
  • Search for the video in the list
  • Click on the pencil Details icon next to the video's thumbnail
  • Edit the text by replacing the correct/updated property address
  • When you're done editing press Save, at the top-right-hand side of the screen

Click on the Youtube video link in the property diary to see that it opens correctly. If the link opens and the text is correct you are now done with editing and can close/sign out of YouTube.

Tip: Don't forget to delete the diary entry in the original property diary when the above has been done.
There is no template to configure as this is a video with your narrated notes. The link can be emailed to the owner with notes in the email on points of interest.

Please Note: If the hyperlink diary entry is to be added to the client portal the description has to remain as Inspection - Video Link for the video to play. Changing the description text will stop the link from being clickable and playing.

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