15th April, 2022 | New Healthy Homes update, Commercial Owner Statement fix and more.....

Reports - Property Inspections: We identified an issue with newly added images for an inspection report, where the 'select/deselect' function would not always match what is displayed in the generated/emailed report.

We've managed to fix this bug, meaning from now on, any selected images for your inspection report will be the only images you can expect to see when the report is generated or emailed.

Reports - EOY: Over the last week we identified a very rare case where the EOY statements would not email out if the expense report toggle was set to NO.

Whilst most of you did not experience any issues with this, we can confidently assure that there will be no expected issues when generating EOY statements moving forward.

Reports - Owner Statement (subject Line): For our owner statements, you have the ability to customise the wording used for the emails sent out at EOM. In this area, you have the option to use the property address in the subject line, which will only work if your owner has a single property (Merge field does not display the property address if there is more than one property).

We did find an issue with this where owners can have 1 active property and 1 archived property, however, our merge field would still pick this up as the owner having more than one property, resulting in the merge field not displaying the property address as expected - This has now been fixed and will work as expected.

Reports - Owner Statements (Commercial Statement): A few bugs fixed for our commercial statements as noted below:

  • Commercial Statements will now display transactions for tenants that have been archived prior to the statement generation (previously, if a tenant was archived before the statement collation, any transactions linked to those tenants would disappear from the statement).
  • Opening balance figures will now be added to the ''final net'' amount due to be paid out. Previously, opening balances were ignored, resulting in the final net amount being incorrect.
  • Receipt Tenancy Invoice reversals were being excluded from the statement, again resulting in the incorrect figures being displayed. This will now work as expected.

Tenant - Rent Changes (Rent Review): For those that use the rent review process (highly recommended 😉) you would have noticed that the suggested rent change date was not correct and did not line up with the suggested rent change date provided when entering a rent change manually. 

We've updated this and both rent change processes will now be consistent. Please note the below on how the suggested rent change date is calculated:

We first look at the 'Rent Changes' for the tenancy and if the 'Latest Rent Increase' is in the future (i.e. Last rent increase date greater than current date) then it starts calculating from the 'last rent increase date'. Otherwise calculation uses 'current date' (date of processing).
Then add 64 days - 'Current date' + 64 days' OR 'Last Rent Increase Date + 64 days'
NOTE: This is not a strict 64 days as we can also add a few extra days to bring the ''day of the week' in line with the original start day of the tenant.

System - Merge Fields: We've updated the following merge fields so that they now display information in document templates and custom views:

Company Bank Account Name, Company Bank Name, Company Postal Address & Company Bank Account No

Supplier - Initials Field: Prior to this release, information added into the Supplier - Initials field - was not being saved as expected. We have now fixed this so that information entered will be saved successfully, and you will have the ability to use this information in document templates and custom views as expected.

Property - Healthy Homes: Staying ahead of the game, we've added a new ''question'' under the Ventilation and Habitable Spaces section.
This question is based on mechanical ventilation, which you will now be able to record under the property as you have this information.

NOTE: This new question will be available on the Healthy Homes statement and is also available as merge fields to be used in document templates and custom views.

Performance Updates: Our development team are continuing to work on performance-related tasks to make Palace run better and smoother for you all.

With our 6 month roadmap in view, we've managed to tick off another couple of things from our list:

  • Property - Lazy loading: In order to increase performance around loading times of properties - we have made some changes to the way in which they load. Currently when a User enters into a property record, all information is loaded at this time, with these new improvements, the information will be loaded as the tabs within the property record are selected. N.B. This improvement will be released on it's own at a later date.
  • Database - Indexing (Research): With research well underway on this specific piece of work we look to bring further optimisations in database performance across the board.

Plenty of work is still required to complete our performance roadmap, with some already in progress and near completion, rest assured our team are working hard to get things running as smooth as possible for you all.


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