I pay by my Bonds by Credit Card, can I keep doing that?


A)  Under the new changes by Palace re the Bond Lodgement forms, can I still pay by Credit card directly on the bond services Website and upload my forms?


The answer is yes and we can turn off the automatic email re-bond forms in Palace. 


However, have you thought of now changing to using Palace for your payment and your bond forms. Keep it in one place and save time.


The steps would be

  1. Load the bond form into Palace as soon as you receive it
  2. Receipt Bond payment as normal
  3. When it comes time to do your Bond Payment in Palace, you do it as normal
  4. Then you click on online file, and generate a CSV file (The same as you do when you pay your owners)
  5. The Bond Remittance will the bond forms goes off in the backend of Palace to Bond services and you receive a copy of this email
  6. You upload your CSV file to the Bank and it automatically pays the Bond services Centre for you

All done and you did not need to go to the website or use your credit card


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