16th March 2022 | Snapshot of overdue rent report & more performance improvements.....

Snapshot of overdue rent report: In addition to the current reports that are available under the Insights > Historic menu, we have now added a snapshot of the overdue rent report to the end of month reports. This will have benefit to our clients who cross check the portfolio summary report with overdue rent information.

Invoice - Tenancy - Default text: Within Invoice Tenancy transactions - when processed via Invoice Tenancy, Invoice Supplier, Document Flow and Work Orders, we have now applied a fix to ensure the selected Expense Type - Default Text will feed through to the comments section as expected.

NOTE: For Document Workflow, if the default text is 'blank' for a certain expense type, the system will continue to pre-fill the tenant's comments with the title of the expense type.
It is also worth noting, if you change the expense type when entering the transaction, the default text for a tenant invoice will be automatically removed and replaced with the context that belongs to the newly selected expense type.




Invoice - Supplier - Strict audit correction: If your database has Strict Audit turned on (Yes - Properties or Yes - Owners) and you've ever come across an unexplained error stating a ledger will be overdrawn (when processing invoices via work orders and invoice supplier transactions back to back) - Not to worry! We have fixed this display error and you will now receive the Pending Invoice creation pop up as expected (if there are not enough funds to proceed).

Property - Bank account merge fields correction: Merge fields for Property bank account information (Account Number/Account Name/Bank Branch/Bank Name) will no longer break a Tenancy Custom View when used. Note: If a property is set up with a split bank account - the words "Split Account" will now show in these merge fields.

Property - Transfer wizard - Audit reports: Issues with transactions performed within the Property Transfer Wizard - not displaying on the Audit - Trans. (Receipts) & Audit - Trans. (Payments) reports have now been resolved, and these transactions will now display on the relevant audit reports as expected. This also means the two audit reports will continue to match with the total receipts and total payments displayed in the Bank Reconciliation report.

Reports - Unprocessed transactions: A display issue identified with the Unprocessed Transactions report - when processing Refund Tenancy Invoice transactions. The relevant tenants bank account information will now be displayed as expected instead of the associated Owners bank account information.

Trade Me - Profile picture: We encountered an issue where the user uploading or updating a listing to TM would have their profile picture uploaded to TM for the listing, despite this user not being set as the WP agent for the property - We have fixed this issue and you will now notice the relevant Web Publish Agents profile picture will display on the listing as expected regardless of 'who' uploads or updates a listing within Palace.

Property - Web publish agent: To mitigate some reported issues with advertising - we have now made the change where a properties Web Publish Agent, cannot be set to the System User. If the System User is selected and Save & Close is attempted - you can expect to be presented with the below error.
If you do come across this error, simply update the WP agent under the publish tab for this property and you will be able to proceed like normal.


System - Performance Updates: The year has been a very busy one for our development team as we continue to work on performance-related tasks to make Palace run better and smoother for you all.

With our 6 month roadmap in view, we've managed to tick off another couple of things from our list:

  • Reports: We have improved the stability of our reports server, which will in turn, decrease issues with reports timing out - especially around Month End time.
  • Database Maintenance & Improvements: We have made improvements on our end which will result in an overall speed increase for our Users.

Plenty of work is still required to complete our performance roadmap, with some already in progress and near completion, rest assured our team are working hard to get things running as smooth as possible for you all.

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