Part Payments for Rent Explained


Part payments happen when an amount is paid that does not match the weekly rent. i.e if the rent is $400 but the tenant pays say $380, then Palace does not know what to do with it, so it puts it out the side as a part payment and does not move the paid to date forward. This will then stay as a part payment until they pay the extra $20, then it becomes $400 and it rolls a week's rent over.


The same can be true if they are paying an extra $30 a week towards rent arrears, the system will put the $30 out the side and keep adding each $30 until it becomes a week's rent.


The part payment will show on the tenant details report as a Rent in Credit/Part Payment. The amount of the part payment is included in the owing to figures. So, if the tenant has a part payment of $50 and their rent per week is $700, their rent arrears will show as $650 because Palace has credited the part payment against the rent arrears.


How to find and sort.

Go to each tenant DETAILS report and go through the report until you see the first part payment show out the right hand side of the report, you will then see what happened and follow the report through to the end


There are two ways to sort out a part payment

  1. Pay the short fall, ie part payment is $380 and full rent is $400. Pay $20 and the rent will roll over
  2. A Vacate date added, will make the system change to daily and that will take the part payment, divides it by the daily rate and move the paid to date accordingly
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