Setting up to pay Bonds by Direct Credit

Bond Services allows you to pay Bonds by Direct Debit, Direct Credit or Credit card. Below are the instructions for setting up Palace to pay by Direct Credit

You must enter your Landlord ID Number (Bond Number) first into the System Settings area of Palace.  

  • System
  • Settings
  • On the main page down the bottom


Now you need to double check that a bank account name and account number has been loaded in the Trading Account section.

Please Note: This is only because of Palace Authorities and you may already have one loaded.

Go to Financial > Ledger > (top right-hand corner) Trading Account.




Email Template: As we automatically email the bond centre for you, we suggest that you customise the wording in the email that is sent to the bond centre. Perhaps you want to add your company logo or customise the signature. Whatever you may need to add or remove in this area, make sure you lock this in before you proceed with your bond payments.


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