Payment Bond - To Bond Services (NZ Only)

In order to help the Bond Services Team we have added the ability to add your bond lodgement form to Palace, this MUST be done in order for the payment to go out. 

Payment Bond Requirement: In order to have your payments processed, you must have uploaded the Bond Lodgement form related to each Bond receipt that is ready to pay out. This Bond Lodgement form is to be uploaded in the tenant diary as an external file. The diary group you need is called  ''PAL Bond Lodgement''. IT MUST be linked to this group in order to be sent to the Bond Services.  This attachment can be added at the time of the initial receipt bond transaction or can be manually added at a later date if the bond form is not quite ready at the time of the receipt.

When a payment bond is processed, the system will pick up the bond lodgement form the tenant diary and email this directly to the bond centre and also to the logged in user as a CC recipient. This allows the Bond Services to receive the bond lodgement form at the time of the payment and makes things easier on the receiving end when it's time to ''process'' your bond by the team at Tenancy Services.

For more on the receipt bond process, please click here.


Now you are ready to proceed with making your payments through Palace to go to the Bond Centre by following the below steps:

  • Go to Financial - then Transactions
  • Under 'Generate Single Transactions' drop down the arrow and select 'Payment - Bond'
  • Click on 'Generate'
  • A list of bonds will appear on the screen
  • All tenants that have a bond lodgment in their respective diaries will be automatically selected and ready to be processed.
  • Un-check any tenants that you may not be ready to pay out yet

Here is a breakdown of what each column means displayed in the payment screen:

Tick Box This will show you which tenant bonds will be processed. By default, tenants that have a bond lodgement form sitting in their diary will be automatically ticked. If you find a tenant that is un-ticked, this means that they do not have a current bond lodgement form in their respective diary - Please refer to this article for more information
Tenancy This will display the tenant name along with their current property address
Bond Required ($) This will display the ''required amount'' for a tenant's bond. This amount is picked up from the tenant edit screen (options tab)
Bond Paid ($) This column will display any bonds that have been paid out already for this tenancy. Most effective for tenants that have received a bond top up or are paying their bond in part payments
Recommended ($) The amount displayed here is based on the total of funds that have been receipted via Receipt Bond
Amount ($) This editable field tells you how much you will be processed for the bond payment for a specific tenant. As it is an editable field, you can change this amount in the event you are not paying the full bond for a tenant


NOTE: If you attempt to select a tenant who DOES NOT have a current bond lodgement form stored in their diary, you will receive the below pop-up warning and you cannot process that payment.



  • If you do want to pay the Bond but not the payment showing, you can change the amount.
    Please Note: You can only change it to a lesser amount, if you change to a higher amount, you will get a warning and it will not let you proceed.
  • Once you are happy with the Bonds showing and the total, make sure you have selected "Direct" in payment type under 'Payment Details'
  • Enter in a reference in the 'Ref. No. area. (this will be used in the subject line for the automatic email that is sent to the bond centre)
  • Click on 'Confirm', you will be taken to the transaction screen.
  • Click on Process
  • At this point, an email is sent automatically to the bond centre and to the logged-in user
  • Click on download to Print the Bond Remittance if you need a hard copy to keep in the office
  • Then click 'Online File' at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Generate the online file and upload it to the bank.

This transaction will show in your 'Unpresented items' area under 'Financial' > 'Reconciliation' waiting to be reconciled once the payment comes out of your bank.


Issues fixed 10/02/2023

Transactions: Payment Bond - Online file: Previously, if a database name contained a '%' sign, Users would encounter issues with the online file when generating their bond payments. We have now changed the online file to ignore this character, so Users with this scenario will no longer have trouble generating and processing their online files for bond payments.

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