10th December 2021 | Updated Inspection report & new Healthy Homes changes....

System - Mail Merge: A quick and easy update, all emails sent via a mail merge will now have the below toggle set to yes by default. This means that these email entries will now display in the diary group report when and if you need them


Property - Inspection Reports: With the new ability to use electronic signatures within the inspection app due for release soon, we've made a slight adjustment to the inspection report. This change sees the signature show up on the report under the disclaimer so it is kept separate from the general photos from the inspection report. You can also manually add your own 'signature' image, by simply renaming an image to 'signature'.

NOTE: This feature is only available on our 'General Report' option. Those who use the ''Schedule 2'' option will not see any formatting changes in the report in relation to any ''signature'' images

Hint: Due to the various types of templates, the formatting of the report isn't as easy to adjust, however, to get the cleanest look for your report, make your disclaimer about 120 characters long for things to look like the below:


Property - Healthy Homes: To close out the year, we've implemented the last few requirements to our Healthy Homes tab. This includes a new 'condition text field under Insulation along with an adjustment to the Ventilation area. 

  • Insulation: For the walls, ceilings, and floors, you will now have an extra option called 'condition', allowing you to note down the condition of the insulated areas for the property.
  • Ventilation and Habitable Spaces:  The top part of this segment has now been split into two sections. This will now ask the questions:
    1. Install was prior to July 2019 and meets all the requirements
    2. Install was prior to July 2019, ventilate to the outside of the house, and are in good working order
  • Moisture and Drainage: A minor typo clean up in the report

NOTE: All new fields will also be available as merge fields and will be displayed in the Healthy Homes report. For merge fields you can find each area under the below areas:

Insulation: Condition data is added to the existing merge fields: <Property HS Insulation (Walls)>, <Property HS Insulation (Ceiling)>, <Property HS Insulation (Floor)>

Ventilation and Habitable Spaces:
<Install was prior to July 2019, ventilate to the outside of the house and are in good working order>
(NOTE: This merge field replaces the original field that was in the system. This means, to get accurate data in your Custom Views, you will need to remove the existing field and replace it with this one).<Install was prior to July 2019, ventilate to the outside of the house and are in good working order Comments>
<Install was prior to July 2019 and meets all the requirements>
<Install was prior to July 2019 and meets all the requirements Comments>

System - Ability to add and save Bank of China accounts:  With more and more requests to add bank accounts linked to Bank Of China, we've decided to allow this to be done by users within the system. We still look for validation for NZ bank accounts, so this will remain as is, however, we've added an exception for bank accounts for the Bank of China.

System - Bank Accounts (ANZ): Another minor update to our bank accounts area, this time for those that bank with ANZ. We will now pick up the ''Other Party Code'' in the online file. 

System - General access: This one is more of an internal update. We use test sites to test our updates before it is released to the public. In the past, some may have been advised to use a test site for reasons X,Y,Z, however, these test sites aren't regularly updated and can cause a few everyday issues for you all if accessed. We have recently noticed a few people log in to our test sites and thankfully no issues came from this, however, to avoid the inevitable, we have added restrictions to our test sites, meaning only internal access is granted. For you all, you won't notice anything different, if you have a test site bookmarked and login to this site by mistake, all you will notice is that we will redirect you to the correct login URL and ask you to login again.

System - iOS Devices: With more people using mobile devices for Palace whilst you're out and about, we've fixed an issue where the system wouldn't allow you to 'save' or 'edit' bank accounts on an iPhone or iPad.

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