iOS Mobile Update - v1.0.3

March 2022 | New electronic signatures, Wide-angle camera for iOS and more...

Camera - Wide Angle: With the ongoing updates to our iOS devices, we've improved our camera to allow everyone to make use of the wide-angle camera within the inspection app

General - Electronic Signature: Ask and you shall receive. You now have the ability to have your tenant or landlord sign the inspection on your device and have this included in your inspection report. Simply turn on the electronic signature option under the settings tab and you will have a new option to add a signature to your inspection report upon import.

Images - Photo orientation: We identified an issue with images taken in landscape mode, where they would come back into Palace displayed in the incorrect orientation. This has been updated and photos taken in both landscape and portrait mode will be displayed in the report as expected.

General - Video Inspection: We've extended the time limit for video inspection from 10 mins to 30 mins. Make sure your Youtube account is eligible to upload longer videos by following the steps in our How to Upload Long Video Inspections.

Images - Camera Roll: When completing an inspection, you will now be able to attach images from your camera roll.... and yes, you can definitely upload more than one at a time!

General - Template Configuration: When duplicating an existing room, we add the label ''copy'' to the room name. However, if a user was to duplicate a 'copied' room, the app would make it difficult to identify which room is which. We now add the label ''copy'' to the end of any duplicated room, so if you are duplicating an already duplicated room, the labelling will look like ''Bedroom 1 Copy Copy''.

General - Inspection workflow: For those that use the app in landscape mode or on an iPad, the view is slightly different, where you can see the list of rooms as well as the features displayed on the screen. To make life easier, we now highlight the room you are working in so it's easier to keep track of your inspection workflow.

General - Draft Inspections: When inspections are saved as a draft, we now record and display the date and time of when the inspection was saved as a draft

General - Character fix: Users experienced issues when using an apostrophe (') within their inspections as it would return as a question mark (?) into Palace. This has now been updated and will work as expected.

General - Work Order: We realise that the full work order function does not work in a way that would be completely beneficial to our users, so we've made the decision to disable this feature for now. In the near future, we will connect the work order function back to Palace so that the full workflow operates as expected, including email & SMS services.

General - Caller ID: We've brought you a new feature, where if you receive a call from an owner, tenant or supplier and their contact details are NOT in your device contact list, your device can now scan through the app contact details and tell you if the number calling you matches someone from the app.

General - Storage optimisation: We are aware that our app can quickly take up a lot of storage space on devices. With the ability to re-upload inspections, data storage can climb very high and as a result, can have an impact on future uploads. For this, we've introduced two new features:

  • Auto deletion of uploaded inspections - 14 days from the original upload date, the property will be cleared from your uploads list. You won't need to do anything for this to happen as it will be cleared on its own. If you re-upload an inspection, a new date will be added to the inspection and the 14-day cycle will restart.
  • Delete Logs - Need to clear your logs sooner than 14 days to optimise space on your device? No worries, under the settings tab, you will find an option to 'delete logs' which will clear ALL uploaded inspections.

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