How to duplicate an existing inspection


If you for whatever reason have an existing inspection in your property diary that needs to be duplicated, then life has been made easier for you! Whether it's making a copy of an exit inspection to be used as an entry inspection, or you don't have access to the app and need to make minor updates to the last inspection, we have you covered.

In this article, we cover the steps to duplicate an existing inspection from the property diary

NOTE: This option is available to all users, regardless of which version of the inspection app is in use


Duplicate an inspection 

  • Navigate to your specified property diary and find your specified inspection that needs to be duplicated
  • Using the 'edit' drop-down, you will see the option to ''duplicate inspection''
  • Select ''Duplicate Inspection'' and you will be presented with a pop-up warning to confirm you are happy to proceed > Select ''Duplicate''
  • A green success message will display on-screen and you will notice a new inspection entry available at the top of your diary list.
  • From here you are free to edit your inspection and make any required changes

Important Notes:

  • A newly duplicated inspection will have the calendar entry date recorded as the inspection date. This can of course be adjusted as you need
  • When an inspection is ''duplicated'' the system will make a carbon copy of the original except the photos are not carried across. This means, all notes, template layout, statuses and comments will be available in the copy version, however, any images you wish to copy across will need to be done so manually.
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