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Duplicating inspections in your property diary has never been easier! Whether you need to copy an exit inspection for an entry inspection or duplicate it for another identical unit, we've got you covered.

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Duplicate an inspection template

After the inspection has been completed on the Palace inspection app and uploaded to Palace you will find it in the relevant property diary.

  • Click on Property > Current properties
  • Search for and click on the property address
  • Click on Diary
  • Find the inspection you want to duplicate
  • On the right of the inspection, click on the drop-down menu next to the Edit button
  • Click on Duplicate Inspection
  • On the pop-up, click on Duplicate

Duplicate an inspection template (1).png

Once you've duplicated the inspection template, a green success dialogue box will pop up to confirm it's completed. The diary will refresh, and you'll see a new entry at the top.

Important Notes

  • Photos are not duplicated
  • Any photos required from the original inspection must be downloaded and manually added to this template
  • All notes, template layouts, statuses and comments will be available
  • A newly duplicated inspection will have the calendar entry date recorded as the original inspection date. This can be adjusted as needed
  • When there are multiple property inspections conducted on the same date, and these properties are synced to the app, there is a possibility of the incorrect template appearing for subsequent inspections. If an inspection template needs to be duplicated and used going forward, modify the inspection date of one of the inspection templates to make them unique from each other

What's Next

With Palace, you can create a database inspection template directly in the database, without relying on the inspection app. This is great if you don't have access to the app or prefer editing the template in detail before syncing it.

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