Create a database inspection template


If you're unable to use a mobile device or if your device isn't compatible with our inspection apps, you can manually create an inspection from a property diary.

This article will cover:

Create an inspection template

Creating an inspection template in the property diary picks up the master inspection template. If you haven't done so already, take some time to configure the master inspection template under system settings.

NOTE: If you have been using our inspections for a while and already have your template ready to go, skip to the section below.

  • Navigate to your specified property diary (Property > Current properties > search for the property, click the address > Diary) and select the option Inspection +

Create a database inspection (1).png

  • A pop-up window will appear asking which type of inspection you would like to create, i.e., Full or Routine
  • Select your inspection type > click Create Inspection

Inspection Plus (2).png

  • This will display your inspection on screen, ready for you to make adjustments and add photos

Note: Click Save & Close first before you edit the template as the inspection is in a draft format. Navigating away from this screen will not save the inspection as a diary entry and you would need to repeat the above steps.

Inspection Plus (3).png

Important notes

  • A newly created inspection will have the calendar entry date recorded as the inspection date. This can of course be adjusted
  • When an inspection is created it does not fully exist in the property diary until you Save & Close. For this reason, you will notice that the below options are missing from your inspection screen:
    • Move Inspection
    • Report
    • AutoSave
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