19th November 2021 | New Inspection option & Multiple Report fixes....

Report - Owner Statement Review: We've updated the Owner Statement Review file so that all statements are sorted in a set order. From this update, we will group the statements in order of Owner Sort Code and Primary Agent Name i.e We will group all of Allan's owners together, then sort them in alphabetical order. We then grab Chelsea's owners and sort them in alpha order etc etc.

Property - Inspection: You can now create a new inspection from the property diary - In addition to this feature, you can also duplicate an existing inspection from within the diary. Find out how this works by checking out our ''Creating a manual inspection'' and ''How to duplicate an inspection'' articles.

Property - Inspection: Staying on the topic of inspections, we've received a few support tickets where a user has issues with 'syncing' properties across to their app. After some investigation, we were able to identify what was causing this issue and implement changes that will avoid this issue moving forward.

Property - Duplication: A follow-up to last month's update, when duplicating a property everything will copy across to the new version from the Safety tab which now includes the 'smoke alarm' data.

System - Emails: Last month we made some changes to how we handle email replies that come into Palace for archived users. With this change, we also displayed archived users in your inbox which isn't very ideal and for some caused a bit of a panic. We've updated this and from now on, no archived users should ever show up in your inboxes.

Reports - Owner Statement (Large Portfolio): We've tidied up a couple of areas for both versions of our Large Portfolio statements (Large Portfolio (Portrait) & Large Portfolio B (Portrait). 

  • The date format was previously displaying incorrectly - This will now show in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Tenant Paid dates were displaying incorrectly and picking up the 'paid to last month' data. This will now display the correct dates and will match the dates that can be found under our tenancy details report.

Reports - Owner Statement (Details B Portrait): We identified an issue where the expense summary would not display the correct total value. This issue related to the 'expense' category of the statements, where the first entry was 'not' an invoice supplier or payment expense entry. Moving forward, the total in the expense segment of the statement will match the total displayed in the statement summary.

Reports - Owner Letting Fees Ledger: When generating the ledger details report, you will now be able to apply an agent split option to the report the same way you can do so with the tenancy letting fee ledger report.

Reports - User Statements: We identified an issue where the totals displayed under the 'User Payment Unprocsessed report

Reports - Owner Statements: We've made changes to the below owner statements to now include tenant end dates, where applicable:

Details (Portrait) Details B (Portrait) Details C (Portrait)
Details (Portrait) - Split  Details B (Portrait) - Split Details C (Portrait) - Split

Reports - Tenancy (Summary of rent): Our Summary Of Rent report will now have a date and time stamp attached to the bottom of the report to represent the date/time of the report generation.

Reports - Tenancy (Summary of rent): Continuing with our summary of rent report, for tenants that do not meet the correct requirements for a summary of rent report to be generated, you will now receive a pop-up warning with the relevant information for you.

As a reminder, the summary of rent report only works for tenants that are set to a weekly rent frequency and tenants that have at least 7 days active since their start date.

Reports - Change Logs: We've added the below areas to our changelog records:

  • Owner Edit screen: Any manual changes made to the ''Financial' tab will now be recorded in the changelog.
  • Dashboard: Any charges that are forwarded from the dashboard (Property Charge tab) will now be recorded in the changelog.
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