Understanding the Dashboard User dropdown

User Drop-down

This dropdown controls what you see in each dashboard tab. For a breakdown on how to adjust and understand how the permissions work, please see our User Permissions article for a detailed breakdown.


Under each dashboard tab, you will have 3 options available:

  • Default Username - By default, you will always see your name pre-selected as you access any of our dashboard tabs, however, you may also see other users in your list to select from. These are users that have shared permissions with you. You can select each individual name to display reminders, charges or invoices that belong to these specific users.

    In the below example, I am logged in as the user 'system' and Mike, Lilly, Palace, Sue & Allan share permissions with me.

  • User Permissions -  This will display ALL reminders & charges for users you have permission to see (Very similar to the first bullet point, however, instead of needing to select on each user, you can use User Permissions to show them all at once - Great if you are working in pods)

    Using the below example, if we select 'User Permissions', the system will simply display ALL entries that belong to me, Mike, Lilly, Palace, Sue & Allan on one screen.

  • (All) - This option will only be available to those that have the company portfolio setting. Similar to how the company portfolio setting works with your properties, owners & tenants when this option is selected the system will display ALL user reminders and charges regardless of shared permission settings

    Using the below example, if we select (All), not only will we be able to see Mike, Lilly, Palace, Sue & Allan's dashboard entries, but we will also be able to see every other user's dashboard entries in one screen.
    NOTE: You must unlock the Company Portfolio to see all entries, the same way you would when looking at properties & tenants.

  • Admin Users - For those that have admin permissions (padlock available at the top of the screen), you will have the same options as noted in the above bullet points, however, in addition to this, you will also see every user in your database to select from regardless of sharing permissions. Once you unlock the padlock at the top of your screen, you will notice every current user in your database shown in your user selection filter.
    NOTE: Additional usernames disappear once the padlock is locked


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