Latest Release (October)

 | Inspection Charge updates & Dashboard improvements....

System - Access to multiple databases: We've come across an intermittent issue for users that have access to multiple databases. What has happened in the past is that changes saved in one database is mirrored against the other database, this is not ideal and can cause multiple issues. By implementing some changes in the back end of the system, user's should no longer experience this issue again.

Dashboard - User Filters: Earlier in the year, we made changes to our dashboard by introducing a new 'user filter' that allows you to see everyone's reminders & charges. We received some great feedback on this addition to the system and we're happy to say, that these changes are now available.

  • User dropdown will now only display the users you have shared permissions with. To get a better understanding of user permissions, click here.
  • There will be a new option called 'User Permissions', which will display ALL reminders & charges for users you have permission to see (Very similar to the first bullet point, however, instead of needing to select on each user, you can use User Permissions to show them all at once - Great if you are working in pods)
  • The option (All), will only be available to those that have the company portfolio setting. Similar to how the company portfolio setting works, when selected, it will display ALL user reminders and charges regardless of shared permission settings - NOTE: You must unlock the Company Portfolio to see all entries, the same way you would when looking at properties & tenants.

System - Dashboard Performance: Speaking of dashboard changes, we've also made some major performance updates to our dashboard. From this update, you should notice a bit of difference in the loading times as well as the number counter on top of each tab as this will now reflect the number of entries for each tab that are only relevant to you (as the logged-in user)

System -Archived Users: Another flashback task - We fixed issues with accessing archived properties that belonged to archived users, however, what we didn't see was that there was also an issue with accessing archived tenants that are also linked to an archived property. This has caused some confusion across our users, making them think that the tenants have disappeared from the system as there is nothing to show for them when searching.

Thankfully, we have been able to identify where the issue was and implement some changes that will avoid this issue altogether moving forward. From here, you should no longer have any issues with accessing archived entities (Owners, Properties or Tenants) when they are linked to an active or archived user.

Property - Inspection: Let's say we've completed our inspections for the week, we've edited the reports, printed them as well as emailed them out to our owners. The last step is to process the charge so that we can generate the next inspection date, easy enough, right? Well, in some cases, this isn't that simple, as the property may not have sufficient funds for the inspection charge at the time and eventually gets lost in the abyss of pending property charges. This means, the next inspection date does not get generated, you could easily miss the next usual 3-month inspection window and in walks in some possible insurance troubles.

Not to worry though, we've got you covered!! Introducing the new ability to roll these charges over without actually needing to 'process' them at the time.
Our new 'Create Next' option, which can only be found for inspection charges, will leave your existing inspection charge in the pending charges list and create the next inspection charge and date. This means, you don't miss any inspection dates and you can continue to effectively plan your inspections on time without the worry of needing to process that pending charge. Click here for a more in-depth look

System - EOM / Held In Trust Report: After a few hiccups with our Held In Trust report causing a delay with our users being able to successfully close EOM, we've successfully implemented some changes that should mitigate this issue moving forward. If you're one of our users that have experienced issues with our report generating during EOM, you'll be glad to know you will no longer need to worry about this moving forward.

User - Email Inbox: We've made some changes to the system so that any emails that come back into Palace that belong to an archived user will now show up under the system or unknown inbox. This will avoid any issues with emails that could go missing that are sent through belonging to an archived user.

Reports - Change Log: We will now be recording changes in the following areas:

  • System Settings > Management Tab (All changes)
  • Owner Edit screen > Financial Tab (All changes)
  • Dashboard > Property Charges (When forwarded)

Work Orders - Status Filter: You will now be able to accurately use our status filters when searching for Work Orders - Previously this filter was still displaying ALL work orders regardless of the user selection.

Work Orders - Disclaimer: Speaking of Work Orders, we've also fixed up an issue with the '(Show c/- of disclaimer)' option. Previously, when this setting was set to NONE, it would still display in the work order - This will now work as you would expect it to.

Property - Duplication Changes: When duplicating a property, you can now expect all details from the 'safety' as well as the 'Health & safety' tabs to be copied across to the duplicated version of the property.
NOTE: This only copies over entered values and NOT attachments.

Reports - Healthy Homes Statement: We've made a minor change to our Healthy Homes statement. The title of the report will now be ''Current Level of Compliance'' and at the bottom of the report will be a disclaimer section for the owner to sign off on (There is also a new toggle to include a tenant signature in the statement if you need)

Reports - Bond Ledger: A quick and easy fix for our Bond Ledger report, you will now be able to export this into .xls format.

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