Diary file storage


Each diary has a file storage area that has the ability for a bulk drag and drop of files. Learn how to use the diary file storage.

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Diary file storage

You can use this as a cloud storage space that holds specific files for an owner, tenant, property or supplier (think of it as a Google Drive but in Palace). A good option is to add files that may be sitting in folders on your computer or in an email inbox folder for the property or photos that aren’t used for advertising.

The following example is regarding a property's diary file storage but this will also work for an owner, tenant and supplier.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property
  • Click on the property's name to open their profile
  • Click on Diary
  • Click on File Storage


  • Select the file or files from your computer and drag and drop them into the file storage area


  • You have the option to rename documents
  • Click the file's name, and a small box will appear around the file's title
  • To save the new title, click anywhere on your Palace screen
  • From this screen, you can search for documents using the search button
  • You can download a document from here by clicking on the blue download button

Important Notes

  • File size limit of 20MB (per file). You can download multiple files at once when you need the
  • You can change the file extension for your files, i.e. from .pdf to .docx. When renaming the title, however, please be aware that the format of your file may not work
  • Deleted files cannot be retrieved
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