Setting up a tenant for rent payments

Most tenants pay through the bank by AP. Then the bank statement is downloaded from the bank each day and imported into Palace. Palace looks for some set information to make the job of matching easier.

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for the tenant
  • Click on the tenant's name to open their profile
  • Click on Payment Details


  • Rent - amount - The rent amount will automatically show as appears on the tenant screen. However, you can change it to what the tenant will pay. I.e., If the weekly rent is $450.00 a week but the tenant pays fortnightly, you can change it here to $900.00 and make the receipt period 14
  • Expected Date - This field is very important if paying by direct debit but also very useful even if paying by other means. Palace uses this date to work out when the tenant is due to pay their rent next. It is not the paid-to date, but rather the date that the tenant normally pays their rent. if you set it up now, you can then use the Rent Alert bell on the front screen to show you daily who misses their rent
  • You can use this screen for other payments that you collect with the rent and it can be allocated to a certain area. I.e., The tenant pays an extra $5 for water rates on top of their rent. You would enter $5.00 in the field next to Receipt Ledger and select water rates from the drop-down arrow
  • Then when Palace matches this tenant it will look for the other amounts, i.e., if the tenant paid $455.00 it would take $450.00 for rent and $5.00 for water
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