11th August 2021 | Tenant & Statement Performance Updates....

Tenant - Rent Increase alert (Part Two): Last month, we gave you a handy new warning about new rent changes and this month we offer the option to update the property rent when these new rent changes kick in. When adding a rent change via the tenant edit screen, you'll get the option to update the property rent as well when the rent change takes effect - Once the rent change kicks in, the system will automatically update the property rent for you, saving you one less thing to update in the system.

Tenant - Start Date: Stolen from our ideas portal, we now display the 'day of the week' next to your tenant start date. This is a feature that everyone voted to bring back from Palace Live and you know what they say, ask and you shall receive.

Tenant - Payment Type: A minor update to our tenant edit screen, we've removed the payment details from the following payment types: Credit Card, Cash & Eftpos

The payment details option will simply disappear if you select these options for a tenant.

System - Statement / Remittances: We've implemented some changes to help with some recent issues related to statements or remittances not generating. In the past, you may have experienced issues with EOM statements getting stuck on the queuing phase - We believe we've identified the issue and have made changes to avoid this issue from happening in the future.

For remittances, we've added a changelog entry to catch any potential errors that cause the remittances from failing to send out to your owners or suppliers at mid month.

System - Label Updates: For those with the unique attention to detail, you will notice a few minor changes in our login screen. The release notes hyperlink stands out a bit more now, our Policy and T&C's now open up in a new page when they're opened and finally the icon used in your bookmarks bar is now the Palace pink.

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