23rd July 2021 | Rent Change updates & Reporting fixes...

Tenant - Rent Increase alert (Part One): With the recent RTAA changes, we've made adding rent changes even easier to keep on top of. Now when you add a rent change via the tenant edit screen, the system will check the dates you're adding and give you a warning as to whether this new rent change is within the last 12 months or not. 

Part two of this task will come in August, where you will be given the option to update the property rent to the new rent amount.


Reports - Diary Group: We've fixed an issue for our Diary Group report when using the 'Grid' filter. With this filter now working as expected, you will now be able to generate this report with even more of a breakdown.

Reports - Property New: Another report fix for the month, we've cleaned up the issue around the two important filters when generating this report: 'Let' & 'User'

Now you will be able to generate this report using these two filters and expect to see the correct information displayed. 

Reports - Property Brochure: A quick fix to our brochure report for those that use it. Our report will now display the advert title along with all the important information from the property publish tab, making it even easier to create a custom brochure for your advertised properties.

System - Inspections: Ever loaded up the inspections screen and get greeted with our favourite 'Oops something went wrong' error? Frustrating, I know! Not to worry, we've got you covered as we've fixed the issue that was causing this error to show up for all users.

System - SATS API: For those that use our integration with SATS, we've adjusted the API to allow you to use the same smoke alarm multiple times.

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