Boss Dashboard

How to get the most out of the Boss Dashboard and keep on top of your stats for your whole company.

This is the first iteration and more changes will be coming. Here is a breakdown of the graphs.


Weekly Vacancy Rates

This is calculated using the number of unoccupied managed properties divided by the total number of managed properties.

Hover over the graph points and it will show you the percentage of vacant properties as of that day. (There is no drill-down for this graph as yet, this will come in the second iteration.)


Property Count

This is a current count of active and inactive properties recorded daily (displays the last 30 days).

This looks at anything with the word "Manage". If you have properties that are set to Commercial Management or Casual Management, these will also be picked up, so you may need to adjust the naming of these management groups if you wish to have them ignored in this stat.


Commission Rates - Management and Maintenance

Calculated by averaging the commission rates (Where the commission rates are above 1%) for all managed properties.

This graph also compares the national average commission rates.

No drill down on this one as it is not needed.


Properties Won/Lost (6 Months)

This information comes from the Consolidated date that is collected nightly.

End-of-month is midnight on the last day of the month. 

Won: Defined as properties that did not exist at the start of the month and that do exist at the end of the month.
Lost: Defined as properties that do not exist at the end of the month that did exist at the beginning of the month.


Weekly Average Rent

This segment compares the weekly average rent from the database and compares it to the national average weekly rent.

Calculated as the average rent across all occupied managed properties (where the rent is more than $100/week). Where the rent is specified on a different frequency (e.g fortnightly, monthly) it is converted to a weekly amount.


Healthy Homes Compliance

This information is taken from the Healthy Homes tab in the property.

Yes or Exempt - means the property is compliant.

The drill-down will take you to a list of properties that you can then filter by agent.





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