The Owner statement: Paid to dates do not match

There are various reasons why the Paid to Date on an Owner statement from last month will not match the paid to date on the current Owner statement. Dates are very important in Palace, so when you add a vacate date to a tenant, it starts a series of events.

  • The calculation of rent immediately changes to daily, this means that it will look at what is "rent in credit" divide by the amount of the daily rate i.e rent in credit was $230.00 and the daily rate is $74.00 so Palace will divide the 230 by the 74.00  = 3.10 so 3 days rent.  The paid-to date will be changed accordingly.

Note: Re the Owner Statement, this means the paid to date from last month statement will not match on the next statement so you may get questions.

A repost might have been done on the tenant, when this happens the dates are realigned on the tenancy details report, however this will not show on the Owner statement as they are PDF's not live documents. If an Owner questions this, you will have to show them the Tenancy Details Report or the Owner Transaction Report.

A recent rent increase: If a rent increase happened and there was a rent in credit, this might have used up the rent in credit and caused the pay to dates to change

Tenant paying extra in Rent: As a tenant pays extra e.g paying off rent arrears, Palace will keep the amount as a Rent in Credit until there is enough to pay a week's rent which will cause the paid to dates to suddenly change. Makes it looks on the Owner's statement like the rent jumped a week.




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