Setting up a repetitive tenant invoice

If you have a charge that goes to a tenant regularly, i.e each month, you can set up one invoice and make it repetitive.

It works as follows

When the invoice is due to be charged, it will show in the Dashboard under the Tenancy Invoices tab, once you process it, it will then mark that invoice as completed and bring up the next invoice charge.


How to set up the repetitive invoice

  • Go to the Tenant, click on Diary
  • Click on Charge


  • Fill in the information
  • Select the date that the first charge is going to be ready to process
  • Click on the repetitive period and then the frequency
  • Put in charge
  • Select Expense
  • Click on Save and Close

When it pops up in the Dashboard under the invoice tab, you can click on Edit to make any changes.


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