Move a photo inspection template to another property


When a photo inspection has been conducted on the wrong property on the Palace inspection app, learn how to effortlessly transfer the inspection template to the intended property in this helpful guide.

This article covers:

Move an inspection template

Moving an inspection template is done from within the inspection template in the property diary.

  • Click on Property > Current properties
  • Search for and click on the property address
  • Click on Diary
  • Click on the inspection you want to move
  • At the top right-hand side of the template, click Move Inspection

Move Inspection (1).png

  • In the pop-up, click the property drop-down option
  • Search or type the correct property address
  • Click Move Diary
  • A pop-up will appear

Move Inspection (2).png

The inspection template will refresh showing the correct property address.

Note: The inspection template’s rooms and features will appear on the property where the inspection was conducted. You would need to edit an inspection template in Palace for it to show the correct property’s layout.

What’s next

You can duplicate an existing inspection template in the correct property diary, download the photos from the incorrect inspection template and drag and drop them into the correct inspection template.

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