Configure master inspection template


The default inspection templates are preloaded with various rooms and features to help you get started. To save time when conducting inspections at new or previously uninspected properties, configure these inspection templates to match the layout of your most commonly inspected properties.

This article covers:

Configure the master inspection template

Use a single inspection template for all inspections

If you have decided to use only one inspection template option, such as the routine template for all your inspections, we have a tip for you.

  • Go to System > Inspection template > Routine Inspection
  • Configure the Routine template to your specifications
  • Click on Full Inspection > Remove all the rooms
  • Click Save changes

Master Tempalte (2).png

Note: When you are conducting inspections on the app you will need to select the routine option every time.

In the app

If the full inspection is accidentally clicked an empty template will appear indicating your mistake. Delete this draft inspection and start a routine inspection.

  • Tap on Menu (three dots) at the top right-hand side of the screen
  • Tap Delete
  • Tap Delete again to confirm you are deleting the draft template
  • Tap Start New Inspection
  • Tap Routine

Master Tempalte (3).png

What's Next

Now that the master inspection templates have been configured, it's important to ensure that know how to set up a disclaimer and statuses.

After syncing your properties to the inspection app, you can learn more about how to create an inspection template on the app.

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