Processing your First Bank Import

Configuring your Bank Import

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Processing your First Bank Import

This tutorial will take you through how to process your first bank import file. You can view this in full screen and have the option to Try It (click through the tutorial), View It (a scrollable format), Watch It (watch the tutorial), or Print It (which gives you a PDF to download... the choice is yours! Click Start


This tutorial will take you through importing your first bank import file to match and receipt transactions from your bank


1. First you need to download your Bank File from your bank. In Palace, click to open the Financial menu

Step 1 image

2. Click on Bank Import

Step 2 image

3. Click Choose File and navigate to where you saved your Bank File.

You can also drag and drop your Bank File onto the Choose File button if this is easier.

Step 3 image

4. Click to highlight the Bank File

Step 4 image

5. Click Open

Step 5 image

6. Click Import to Import the Bank File

Step 6 image

7. Your transactions will appear as Not Matched in Red. To match and receipt them, click on the dropdown arrow to the right side of the transaction

Step 7 image

8. Click Match Tenant for a tenant receipt, or Match Owner if the funds need to go directly to an owner

Step 8 image

9. Click into the Select a tenancy dropdown and search for your tenant

Step 9 image

10. You can search by typing in the tenants name, property address or code number

Step 10 image

11. Select the correct tenancy to bring up their details. If you select the wrong tenant, simply search again.

Step 11 image

12. The top right details show you current tenant information: Rent Owing, Other Amounts Owing, Rent Rate and Bond Owing

Step 12 image

13. The top receipt details are what Palace expects the tenant to pay. Whether this is $500 every week, or $1000 every fortnight (which would be 14 days)

Step 13 image

14. The middle section relates to what you are receipting, whether this is Rent, Invoices, Bond, or money to hold for future invoices (which is the Receipt other ledger option)

Step 14 image

15. The transaction total is the total money entered into the middle columns above, this is money that you are receipting into Palace. The statement total is the money that has been received into your bank account. These must match to continue

Step 15 image

16. The Apply Commission Receipt (Other) only relates to charging your owner commission on the tenant paying an invoice (If you charge a maintenance fee for supplier invoices you typically would not also change on the tenant invoice)

Step 16 image

17. The Statement Line Code will copy to the Tenant Match Code for future receipts. If the tenant has an automatic payment set up for their rent payments then Palace will then recognize the payment each week as the reference details will be the same

Step 17 image

18. The Update Next AP date relates to the Expected Date and will default to Yes, talk to a trainer about this if you also use Direct Debits.
Update Tenant Match Code relates to copying the Statement Line Code to the Tenant Match Code

Step 18 image

19. Click update AP Record - No. You would select Yes to Update the AP record if you have made changes to the Receipt Details expectation or Receipting amounts so that it saves for the next time the tenant pays rent (ie updating the amount and frequency)

Step 19 image

20. Click OK

Note: If the OK is not highlighted then you have missed a section or the amounts do not match

Step 20 image

21. That receipt is now matched and ready to process. We will now do the rest.
Click the dropdown arrow next to the second transaction

Step 21 image

22. and Match Tenant

Step 22 image

23. Click into Select a Tenancy

Step 23 image

24. Search for and select the tenant

Step 24 image

25. Everything is matched, click the Update AP option that applies

Step 25 image

26. and then click OK

Step 26 image

27. Select the next transaction

Step 27 image

28. and Match Tenant

Step 28 image

29. Search for and select the correct tenant. You can see there are two contacts for Avocet Ave, they pay half of the rent each, so we will update the rent details for this

Step 29 image

30. As the tenants pay $300 each we need to update the expected rent amount from $600 to $300. This isn't overriding the rent rate that they need to pay, it is just updating the portion that this tenant pays

Step 30 image

31. Type $300.00 into the Rent Amount field

Step 31 image

32. Type in $300.00 into Rent and Press Tab, you will see the Transaction and Statement Totals change below to green now that the receipt matches what the tenant paid into the account

Step 32 image

33. Click on the Update AP record option - Yes. As we want these changes to save for the next time the tenant pays as they will be paying $300 each week

Step 33 image

34. Click OK

Step 34 image

35. Select the next transaction

Step 35 image

36. and Match Tenant

Step 36 image

37. Search for and select the correct tenant, this is the other tenant in Avocet Ave that pays half of the rent

Step 37 image

38. Type $300.00 into the Rent Amount

Step 38 image

39. Type $300.00 into Rent and Press Tab, you will see the totals below turn to green

Step 39 image

40. Select the Update AP option that applies

Step 40 image

41. Click OK

Step 41 image

42. Select the next transaction

Step 42 image

43. and match tenant

Step 43 image

44. Search for and select the correct tenant. When you have multiple tenants in one property you may need to look at the bank account name of who has paid this money. The head tenant in Palace usually has all tenants names in the same line as shown here

Step 44 image

45. Everything matches, so click on the Update AP record option that applies

Step 45 image

46. and click OK

Step 46 image

47. Select the next transaction

Step 47 image

48. and match tenant

Step 48 image

49. Search for and select the tenant

Step 49 image

50. This money is for an invoice payment (you can see the other amounts owing at the top of the screen). First enter $0.00 in the rent receipt section as there is no rent being receipted

Step 50 image

51. Then type the amount of $53.23 into the Receipt Other section

Step 51 image

52. Click on the Options button next to where you entered the receipt amount, this will bring up any invoices owing

Step 52 image

53. Select the invoices that this money is going to be assigned to. You can choose multiple invoices and you can also change the amount being assigned to an invoice (ie, if there were two invoices - $20 to one invoice and remainder to the other invoice)

Step 53 image

54. Click Assign Invoices

Step 54 image

55. Because the tenant has paid using a different bank reference from their rent payments, Palace wants to know if you want to override the currently saved Tenant Match Code. Usually this would be No, and also No to update the AP record

Step 55 image

56. Click No to Update the Tenant Match Code

Step 56 image

57. Click OK

Step 57 image

58. Select the next transaction

Step 58 image

59. and match tenant

Step 59 image

60. Search for and select the correct tenant

Step 60 image

61. Everything matches, so select the Update AP record that applies

Step 61 image

62. Click OK

Step 62 image

63. Select the next transaction - this money has no valid reference for a tenant or owner, so we will receipt it to our unallocated holding account.

The unallocated account is an owner/property in our database for temporarily holding unknown funds 

Step 63 image

64. Select Match Owner

Step 64 image

65. Click into the Select a Property dropdown

Step 65 image

66. Search for and select the unallocated owner/property

Step 66 image

67. The description and date of the transaction will save as default, you can add to this if you wish. Click Match

Note: An owner match will never save or auto match ever again, it will only receipt as a once off transaction

Step 67 image

68. Select the last transaction

Step 68 image

69. As this is an owner giving us funds to cover an invoice payment, select Match Owner

Step 69 image

70. Click into the Select a Property

Step 70 image

71. Search for and select the correct owner and property

Step 71 image

72. The description is what the owner will see on their property statement, so you can change the description here as you wish. Click Match

Step 72 image

73. All transactions have now been matched. 

Click Process to receipt these funds into Palace.

Note: If you had any transactions that you could not match or receipt to unallocated there is an Unmatched Report that you can print or save.

Step 73 image

74. That's it. You've finished your Bank Import! The next time you import your bank file for this day you will see that most of the transactions will already be matched.

You may also see a green "Finished" button depending on your database setup.

Step 74 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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