28th January 2021 | New Dashboard Authority, User Assignment Tool update & Bond report changes

New Dashboard Authority: Ask and you shall receive! After a successful release of our new user dashboard and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, we are happy to announce that we have a new Dashboard authority that allows you to see it all.

With this new permission set to yes, you will have a new 'user' dropdown that allows you to dictate which stats you see on your dashboard. Whether that be a specific user or all users in your database. To find out more about this new feature, make sure you click on our help article to get the inside scoop - Dashboard - How can I see the whole company or other users


Reports - New Proof of advertising: Just in time for the new RTA to kick in, we now have a report that records the details of your property when it is set to be published for advertising. How does this awesome new report work, you ask? It's simple.....

As soon as you set your property up to be published online (TradeMe included), we will automatically generate and save a report in the property diary. A log will also be recorded when the property is removed from the advertising feed.

What you can expect to see is something similar to the image below:Snip20210127_69.png

For a more detailed read about this feature, make sure you click here.


User Assignment Tool (Fix): In case you missed our newsletter last year, we found an issue with our user assignment tool, when the full portfolio is not moved from one user to another. We have made the required changes to this and all should be working as expected now.


Reports: Bond Audit & Bond Held reports: Our two reports have new filter options to help with your day to day tasks.

Our Bond Audit report, now have from and to fields for both tenant start dates & payment dates.
Our Bond Held report, also has a new filter that allows you to generate the report and display tenants based on either their name or held amounts.


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