Reporting and Recording Periodic Leases

Palace gives you the ability to set up your own Fields to use if we do not currently supply that information.
First set up the Custom Fields. (Only have to do this once)
  • Go to System
  • Custom Fields
  • Click on Tenancy Tab
  • Name the field and choose the type i.e Yes/No
  • When finished click Save and Close



Then go to the tenant screen. on the right hand side of the Edit screen
Click on Custom Fields and fill in the details


Then a custom view can be set up that you can report on, the good thing about this is you then can do your letters directly from there. 
The fields you want for your custom view are
Tenant Archive status, Tenant Full Name, Property Address Full, Custom field (and what ever number it is) then the next custom field. You may want others as well
In the Advanced area, click on the + and select the Custom Field that is the Yes or No field and fill in as below.
Then save and close and you can then use the view

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