Document Templates (Setup 'Centralized' Templates for Multiple Branches / Regions)

Document Templates (Setup 'Centralized' Templates for Multiple Branches / Regions)

Palace has the ability to centralize all templates in one dataset (Usually used with companies that have multiple trusts covering multiple regions or branches).  The user can request that one registered dataset can be the main repository for all the document templates across all the other registered datasets.  This can be requested with a signed permission form (Please submit a request through our helpdesk to implement this service)…
What you need to know
  • By default each registered trust setup with Palace has it's own set of templates within it's own dataset.  Imagine you have 3 registered datasets with Palace due to region or branch based setup...
    • Best Property Management (Auckland)
    • Best Property Management (Wellington)
    • Best Property Management (Hamilton)
  • In this scenario, if you would like to standardize your document templates across all 3 systems, you would need to login to each one separately and update the appropriate template in each.  Also if a user of one system has access to update templates, they might start making changes and adding new templates that the company as a whole has not approved and does not know about.
  • If you request our 'Centralized Document Template System' this can be controlled at a higher level to maintain consistency in correspondence over the entire company.  This starts with selecting a dataset with the most consistent and up-to-date templates and requesting through our helpdesk to use that dataset as a centralized repository for all other branches or regions...
    • e.g. "We would like to request the setup of a 'Centralized Template System' using 'Best Property Management (Auckland)' as our 'Template Repository' for all templates."
    • We will then perform a link for the other 2 (or more) branches to direct all templates to be used from the dataset requested. 
    • NOTE: The other branches will no longer have access to the original documents they setup within that dataset (these cannot easily be retrieved once this change has been implemented so please make sure all documents are reviewed and confirmed in the central repository before making the request).  The system will transform from the model below on the left, to the model below on the right.


Make sure that all the authorities are set correctly for user in ALL datasets, as anyone with the following permission in any of the datasets will be able to add, update or delete templates...



For further information, please contact our helpdesk.



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