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Can I access my database before my first appointment with a trainer?

Yes, you can. You will get emailed a reset password link as soon as your database has been activated and you can login at any time. We recommend using Google Chrome when accessing your database. There are Video tutorials and help files here in the OnBoarding area focused specifically on the setup of your database and entering your managements. If you have any queries, note them down for when you talk to your trainer. 


Why is my trainer trying to set appointments with me weeks ahead of time?

This is to ensure they are available to run through key processes with you (ie, first receipting or payments), and answer off questions that you may have. Outside of these key appointments, we recommend catching up with your trainer at least once per week so that you know when you will be talking to them next for questions and training. As our trainers are appointment-based, if you have not arranged to catch up with them each week you may find they become fully booked with other appointments.


What if I don't want to book advance appointments?

As mentioned above, our trainers are appointment-based. This means that if you haven't set any appointments with them and you need them on Monday afternoon, then you might find they are fully booked that day, or even that week. Our support team is available to assist with urgent queries that may arise when your trainer is unavailable, however, they cannot spend the time showing you the “how to’s”. There are lots of helpful files and videos that you can utilise during this time, and alongside this recommend you spend as much time as needed with your trainer to learn and build confidence using Palace. 


Do I need to set up anything special for Online Training?

Great question. We primarily use Google Meet or Zoom for online meetings and you don't need to have anything special at your end to make this work. You'll be sent calendar invites ahead of time and all you need to do is click on the meeting link in that calendar invite to join the session. You can choose to use your camera and meet/see your trainer, or leave it off. If you don't want to use your computer mic/speakers for the audio, no problem - your trainer can call you directly and simply use the online meeting to screen share.


What happens if I have to cancel an appointment?

We understand that circumstances change and there may be times where an appointment needs to be postponed for various reasons. All we ask if that you let your trainer know as soon as possible so they can reschedule your appointment to the closest available time. If they cannot do this within the same week they will also check with other trainers if they have availability to assist.


What happens if my trainer has to cancel an appointment?

If your trainer is unable to work then we will, in the first instance, try and arrange for another trainer or Palace team member to assist at the same time your appointment was set for. If this cannot be done, your appointment will be rescheduled to the first available time that a Palace team member can assist.


I want to start using the inspection app before going live with transactions, can I do this?

Your training can be based around what is important to you. Discuss this with your trainer so they know that you’d like to use the app as a priority. There are steps that need to be completed prior to using the app (like entering your data and setting up your master template), so please work with your trainer to get these steps ticked off so that they can train you on the entire inspection process. You’re more than welcome to look up the help files and videos in the meantime.


Can I start to enter data into my database before my first appointment with my trainer?

Yes, you can. Video tutorials and help files are available to show you how to enter these. If you have any queries, note them down for when you talk to your trainer. If you are not feeling confident to start entering any data, please wait for your training appointment so that your trainer can get you started on the right foot.


I have quite a few properties to enter, how long will this take?

This really depends on how much time you put aside to complete this and how many profiles you need to enter. Chat to your trainer about how much time you plan to set aside and whether this will be enough. They will check in with you regularly to make sure you are on track and to answer off any queries you come across during this time. Side note: the sooner you enter your data means you can take advantage of using Palace for things such as maintenance and inspections before your go live date (subject to training availability).


Can someone else enter my data?

You can engage a contractor or virtual assistant to help you enter data, however we do recommend doing this yourself/with your team as it’s actually a great learning opportunity.


I've decided a need to delay, can I Go Live with Palace next month instead?

The confirmation of this lays with our Training Team Leader as they need to look at what the overall picture looks like. Each month we have a limited amount of new clients we can bring on to ensure we have sufficient time to give you the attention you deserve. If you can let us know of any delays as soon as possible we will do what we can to accommodate, however, it's not a guarantee as this can impact the new clients who have already committed to the following month(s).


Have more questions?

Your trainer is happy to answer off any questions you may have, or you can email

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