March 2021 | Bond Payment Update & Inspection Report fix

Transactions - Bond Payments: As previously hyped, you will now be able to create online files for your bond payments. Yes, that means for our NZ based clients, no more cheques and your bonds can now be paid via internet banking, much like your owner and supplier payments.

 Click here for more info.

NOTE: In order to use this feature, you must first be invited by the bond centre. If you have contacted Mandy from the previous newsletter then you will already be on the list that the Bond Centre have. It does seem to take a while to be invited so please be patient.

For more information, please contact the tenancy bond centre.

Reports - Inspections: A couple of quick updates to our inspection reports.

  • For those that use our new pink app. The inspections in the diary will now be labelled with 'Routine' or 'Full', making it even easier to identify the inspection type.
  • Another one for our pink app users - If you've had problems with photos not appearing on your reports due to the room names having an Asterix (*), we have some great news for you! The system no longer picks up the invalid character in the names of the photos, meaning that all photos will appear on the report as expected. 
  • You may recall receiving a newsletter from us regarding changes made to an inspection report not being updated when the report is generated i.e if comments were adjusted, these changes would not show up on the newly generated report. You will all be happy to hear that we have also fixed this issue and our reports will recognise and update any changes made upon generation.

Reports - EOY Statements: With EOY coming up, we've made a quick change to ensure that we display the email entry in the owner diary for when the EOY statements are sent out. This will work and look the same way as our end of month statements do.

Transactions - Ledger Fee Details & Summary Reports: For our legacy users you may recall being able to keep your selections 'sticky' in the below area. The system would then remember your selections and use this for your ledger EOM reports that are generated. You can now select your ledgers and the system will retain your selection for future report generation and your EOM reports.


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