Tenancy Invoice Credit to be used for Rent

If a Tenant overpaid an Invoice and has credit, they may ask you to put it against Rent.

Check the following before you start:

  • Is the money currently being held in a Ledger, or was it a fee ledger or did it go directly to the owner
  • If Owner or Fee Ledger: Do you have enough money in those ledgers to refund the money
  • If being held in a Bond Ledger: Then make sure you know what ledger and what transaction you did to get it there i.e Receipt Tenancy Other or Receipt Bond Other ( best report is the Tenant - Bond Other Report as this will show you the amount and how it was receipted)


  • Go to Financial - Transactions
  • Select - Refund Tenancy Invoice ( or Bond Other) 
  • Click on Generate
  • Select the tenant
  • The amount will come up 
    Note: Be aware that the total amount on the Invoices will show so make sure you know how much you are refunding if not the whole amount. If it shows nothing, then DO NOT put an amount in as it means there is no money to be refunded.
  • Click Confirm
  • Stay on the transaction screen
  • Click on Receipt Rent Residential
  • Enter in the amount you are receipting 
    NOTE: If not the full amount of the weekly rent, then be aware that this will sit as a rent in credit unless a vacate date is in. 
  • Click on Confirm
  • Then on the main screen you should make sure the total comes to 0.00. (This proves the amount goes in and out)
  • Then click Process










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