Interactive Dashboard

This Dashboard is interactive and designed to make your life quicker by having information at your fingertips, see it, manage it and then forget it

The Dashboard is made up of icons along the top,

  • Document Flow
  • Email and SMS Inbox
  • Rent Alerts - This will show who was due to pay rent up to yesterday's date and has not paid. This will only work for those tenants who have an expected date in the Payment Details area. It will take you to a custom view so you can send an SMS to let the tenant know their payment has been missed
  • A selection of Graphs to give you up-to-date live time data

Click on the part of the graph you want to find out more about, and it will take you to a custom view, all set out with the information you need. You can then click on the + to turn it into a mail merge area, select your letter or SMS and send. Done in just a few mins. All diaries are updated as you go.

Why wasn't the sending of SMS or Email set to go automatically rather than have to manually do the SMS or Email?  We did think about automatic sending, but we have had a lot of feedback about other software that does it. You lose all control, so an SMS might be sent to a tenant who had just called you to explain why they missed, then they receive a text from you saying they owe rent! Not a good look.  This way you can untick them before you click on Send.

There are 8 graphs, Each graph is then broken down into areas. i.e Rent Arrears 0 - 6 days, 7 to 14 and so on. Click on 0 -6 days and you will only see those tenants in arrears by those days.

Click on the link beside each one below to see the breakdown of how they are reported and the fields used to make the custom Views

Clicking into each Segment will take you to a custom view designed to show you the breakdown of the information, once there you can use Custom Views as normal, use the normal mail merge features to email or SMS letters, and export to Excel, or print to PDF.

Who can see the Dashboards

The Dashboard will always default to the logged-in user. But you can select other users or select "All" and it will show the whole company.

First, you have to have authority turned on to allow this

  • Click on Users - Left-hand side Menu
  • Find the user, go to Authorities Tab
  • Select Yes against User Dashboard Authority


  • Save and Close
  • Go to Permissions to share permissions with other users
  • Save and Close
  • Click on Dashboard and you will see the new drop down



If nothing has changed from the above setting changes you will need to check if the Permission lock and Eyeball Company Portfolio are similar to the below example:


Sign out and sign back in for the changes to take effect.

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