Can I just set up one inspection template - we are not needing the two

Don’t Want Two Inspection Templates?

If you have been upgraded to our New Inspection Process then you will have two different areas for your Inspection Templates as you can see below. One for your Full template and one for your Routine.
To find this, go to System > Inspection Template.


In the previous process, you could set your template to ‘both’ meaning you will receive the same notes, comments, rooms and features for your Full and Routine inspections.

This is no longer an option but it is completely up to you if you have two different templates.
If you want the template to always be the same then we recommend the following:

Set up your Routine Master Template with the rooms and features you want.
Delete everything that is showing in your Full Master Template.

When you are completing inspections you will need to select Routine for all inspections and if you accidentally click on Full you will see no rooms or options which will indicate your mistake and you can delete the draft inspection and start a routine inspection.


If you click on the Full Inspection by accident, you will need to delete the draft to be able to go back to your Routine Inspection.


To do this click on the three dots (Menu) at the top right-hand side of the screen > Press Delete > Confirm you are deleting the draft template > Start New Inspection > Select Routine.


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