Receipting to Multiple Tenant Invoices so comments will show on the Owner Statement

When receipting money to tenant invoices via the bank import or the receipt tenant multiple transaction, you can do so where the comments will appear separately on the owner's statement.

If you receipt one lump sum amount and select multiple invoices for that sum to pay, Palace cannot separate out the comments. The process below will show you how to enter separate receipts so your invoice comments will appear.


Receipt Other Transactions

Whether you are doing this through the bank import, or receipt tenant multiple, you are using the receipt other transaction to allocate money to tenant invoices.

Select your tenant

Use the first receipt other transaction line to enter one of the invoice amounts and select Options



This will list all the outstanding tenant invoices for this tenant.

Select the tenant invoice that this amount will pay and Assign Invoices


You will see the comment for the invoice appear on the right.

Now, using the dropdown options on the left for the next transaction line, select receipt other again.

Enter the amount for the next invoice and select Options for this transaction. You are repeating what you have just done above, in a new field.


Note: You will notice that the first invoice still shows in the list of tenant invoices. This is because you have only assigned money to that invoice - it has not yet been paid as you have not processed these transactions yet. Be mindful not to allocate money to the same invoice.


Continue this same process until you have assigned each receipt to each invoice. If the tenant has paid you more money than what they owe for invoices, then you have additional funds left you can put them to your tenant holding account as usual as seen below.



You will see each invoice comment appear on the right, these can be altered if you need to. This is what appears on the owner’s statement.



Process your transactions as normal (whether this is via the bank import, or through your transactions screen).

The comments will appear on the owner’s statement. You can edit these comments in the transaction history if needed.



Note: this is limited to 4 invoice receipts at one time, so if you have more than 4 invoices to receipt to, you can receipt the additional funds to your tenancy holding account and then assign the invoices from the tenant list.






















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