Palace Liquid: How to create labels in Word (by exporting a list of owners from Palace)

Export your list of Owner Names and Owner Addresses from Palace

For this first step, you will need an Owner Custom View that contains the Owner Full Name and Owner Postal Address. Most likely this will be under the custom view called "Owner List".

Note: If you do not have a current custom view with this information, you can create a new one with the columns for Owner Full Name and Owner Postal Address.



Select all of your owners, or select the owners that you want in the list

Use the dropdown next to Print to select Export to Excel

This will save an Excel file with your owner details.



The Excel File

Open the excel file and click the Enable Editing button, and then Save and close out of the excel file



Open a New Blank Word Document

Go to the Mailings tab

Select Start Mail Merge and select Labels



The Labels Options box allows you to find the exact Labels you are printing onto (the type and product number of the labels you have purchased). Once you have found the labels you are using, click OK

Note: check the information on the labels that you have purchased, it will have the brand and label type (code). You also have the option to create a new label if you cannot locate the brand you have purchased.


Next, choose Select Recipients and Use an Existing List

Browse and find the excel file you just downloaded from Palace



You may have the below pop up appear, click Ok to continue.


Note: If you get a pop up that states that an error occurred and this is no the correct file format, then go back to the excel file steps as you have not enabled editing of the excel file.


Use the Insert Merge Field to select Owner Full Name, enter down a line and then select Owner Postal Address



Select Update Labels – this will copy the two merge fields to all the other labels



Select Preview if you want to see the labels are correct



Select Finish and Merge and Edit Individual Document and All – this will open a new word doc with all your labels and you can select to Print your labels



Note: You can alter the spaces in the labels and the alignment as normal using word.


**If you use the "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard" in Word to complete the above steps you may find that the formatting of the addresses is not correct. This is something to do with Word and not controlled by Palace. Please follow the steps above to complete the merge rather than using the Word mail merge wizard.


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