18th December, 2020 | New Dashboard, Missed Rent Alert, Change User Assignment Tool and more

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New Dashboard: Closing up 2020, we have a new interactive dashboard that is full of all types of goodness. There is loads to unravel in the dashboard, so help yourselves to a good read to gain a good understanding of how our new dashboard works, starting with our main help manual Interactive Dashboard and our recent video showcasing everything here

For a more in-depth read on each graph and how each segment is made up though, check out the below links:

Missed Rent Alert

Expiring Leases
Work Orders Available Properties
Rent Arrears Rent Reviews
Inspections Rent Increases


NOTE: Due to the new dashboard additions, you will note a few things have been removed.
This includes the following: Timeline, (From the top of the dashboard) Weekly Rent, Leases & Work Orders.

Navigation (Archived Entries): Don't worry, you don't need to adjust your PC settings. Along with the updates to our dashboard we also updated our colour scheme to match our 'Palace Blue'. 

Old Colour Scheme: Snip20201217_93.png

New Colour Scheme:


Navigation (Archived Entries): That's all the fancy new stuff out of the way, with all the new colours, we also updated a few issues along the way.

Starting with this minor navigation update. Ever find yourself looking at an archived tenant and when you try to go to the corresponding archived property, you're taken to the current properties list instead? Yes, we also found this annoying, so we've updated it and the system will now take you to the correct landing page. Along with this, archived tenants will now display the correct property address under the tenant edit screen (previously displayed the incorrect information).

Reports (Inspections / Schedule 2): We identified an issue with our schedule 2 inspection reports, where the comments made on the inspection were being displayed under the tenant comments section instead of the agent comments. This has now been updated and is working as expected.

Transactions (Online File): An issue only specific to our BNZ users (where system bank account is a BNZ account number), we've fixed up an error where the 'Other Party Code' setup against bank accounts were not making it to the online file and thus failing to show up on the statement.

System (Change User Assignment): If you don't already know, we have a tool that allows you to move certain properties from Agent A to Agent B. In this release we've tidied this process up a bit more so that this process no longer looks and updates archived properties anymore, we also cleaned up the following areas: Primary Agent (Owner), Primary Agent 1 (Property), Web Publish Agent, agent linked to diary entries (Past and future), agent linked to dashboard entries - all tabs (Current and future).

Reports (Tenancy Tracked Invoices): Not too long ago, we released an update to this report that allowed you to report on tenant invoices that were overdue by x days. Well now, you will be able to foresee invoices that 'will' be overdue in x days by using our newly added 'due within' filter.

This will look up and display tenant invoices that aren't due yet, but will be due based on the number of days you enter into the text box.


Client Portal (Unprocessed Invoices): We've updated an issue with attachments linked to unprocessed document flow invoices. These are invoices that are awaiting approval due to exceptions or requires user approval. These invoices will no longer show up in the portal until the transaction has been processed or sent as a pending invoice.

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